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  1. They do have names, the ones that you just gave them, and I think that's all that needs to happen. The more imagination required by this game or any other is better than having to define, label and explain everything. After all, the core of 'discovery' is just that, not being spoon-fed or hand-held when exploring Astroneer, especially for the first time.
  2. Core game is all that matters. Then it can be extended to include anything the imagination comes up with.. Until then, if chicken meat keeps dropping from deers and bears... one has to wonder if game cores are being worked on at all
  3. Yes, but it's just faster to uproot them with the terrain gun.
  4. Better solution, promotes problem solving and alternate solutions when someone makes a mistake, and doesn't just hand things to the player.
  5. Notice how he got 'assaulted' at 0:34, then he cuts away to 'deal with business' and returns to cutting the planet in half, lol. Also, wouldn't it be impossible to cut a planet in half? Wouldn't the gravity constantly be forcing the two halfs together, pretty much constantly collapsing any digs?
  6. Sure, as long as they serve a purpose for discovery, are relatively unique and serve the gameplay, it's all good.
  7. This always seems like a good idea, but in practice has large impacts on how the terrain will generate, and some items can take away from the uniqueness of landscape. It also removes incentive for players to make their own landmarks, maybe refining sandbox tools for them would yield more gameplay options, as well as keep the land generation more unique. Players familiar with Rust may notice that with more addition of premade buildings and assets to the game, including caverns, that even with different seeds on different servers, many landscapes start looking too familiar, since these assets must always flatten out the terrain or affect it somehow in order to fit in properly. With large areas like airports, not only is the immediate land generation effected, but large swaths around it as well to accommodate a seamless landscape. Over time the land starts looking more and more generic, with the same mountain, cliff, rock formations, rivers, bridges, towers, factories, houses, etc and the generation becomes bland. Also as a side effect, even in Rust, player influence on the land is further limited, as buildings and infrastructure used to be created by players themselves - built, maintained and fought over, but now is served with static assets. The same effect befell Minecraft with the addition of villages and temples.. the land procgen was also affected to cater to these buildings, and players that would have normally built villages and pyramids and temples themselves, no longer had to. But most of all, seeing Stonehenge like structures are neat the first time, but seeing them 10 times on a planet is going to elicit boredom. No Man's Sky, for example, had the same repeating 'alien' building(s) on each planet. Neat to discover the first time, the next 30 times, especially when they were identical, lead to boredom. When I visit a new planet for the first time, or replay Astroneer, I want to see the most variance in landscape possible. In early Minecraft (1.52 - 1.73 or so), the procgen was so interesting, it sparked the imagination, now 1.0 and onward most consider it to be quite bland and boring. Long response, sorry, but adding premade assets has a huge impact on games, so had to elaborate.
  8. When I find dynamite, I just throw it away. The amount of area that it can open up, even buried is not worth the time to even use it. I can clear more area with the terrain gun faster than the benefits from dynamite currently.
  9. If an Astroneer can dig himself down to the core of a planet, using only a terraforming gun, he is like a God already and where's the challenge. I hope the final release makes this action almost impossible without expensive tools, very dangerous to do so, or outright impossible. Or just leave it in and go "Meh, its Astroneer" It really screws up my sense of belief in the scale of things, and I believe the majesty of planets are lost, when I can dig to the core relatively easily. Example: The Moon. Clearly it is too small, and feels more like an asteroid.
  10. The stronger the core of the game the better. Then if modders want to add PVP or even Technic/Tekkit style machine addons, it can be done at that point. If the core is solid and sound, and the API made available, the game could be extended from there. As a developer, why spend the extra time on adding weapons, targeting systems, and everything that entails PVP, when you could make just as much money releasing the game as a simple but efficient gameplay core, and let the community extend it? Profit wise, its a pretty smart move, though a bit sketchy, depending on who you talk to
  11. Since this would fall under CORE gameplay, the sooner they sift through the rocks that are NOT disappearing once dislodged, the better. Having loose rocks sitting under ground, buried or not must be using up a lot of memory over time, especially when they appear to have colliders on them, probably calculating and using up game resources even though you cant see them.
  12. It's easy. It just means that you have to stick closer to your home, and make more trips back and forth that you normally wouldn't make. It's also an easy challenge to beat when you find a couple Titaniums and can make oxygen canisters to extend your running range. Personally, I didn't find it any more fun, as it didn't really stop me from progressing - it just added tedium in the form of time as it made me run back and forth. Without the extended oxygen tanks, I just drilled down very close to my base (as caverns are everywhere), and quickly got what I needed anyway. A rover truck is basically SMELTER (2 compound?), VEHICLE BAY (4 ALuminum), then either 4 compound+ for rover, additional 4 ALuminum for truck. Other than getting the Resin to build your base, once you know what you need ahead of time, very easy to get to the truck (Actually easier to build the shuttle and leave).
  13. What's your problem? I'd prefer them to work on core gameplay (like fixing rocks that are in the game NOW), rather than models of rocketships (as seen in their recent podcast). I was agreeing with you, and adding on my own comment.
  14. Yep the space station and non-priority models can wait a bit, in preference of getting the rocks (that are actually in gameplay and affecting it) CORE GAMEPLAY, all sorted. Ahhhh, the forever litany of typical complaints on dev forums "Work on the CORE GAMEPLAY before adding banana hats!"
  15. Because the gamer base in general wants PVP. It seems as though it doesn't matter what a game intends to start out as, the addition of PVP has been proven to improve net sales. Personally, I've had years and years of FPS and PVP, in games that did them well, so it gets old when every new game that comes out starts with PVP, even if it's just a default game engine landform with guns added - people will buy it and play it. Pathetic, but true; we seem to like games that allow us to kill each other. Or worse seeing EA games start with one genre in mind, only to add PVP later to it to bump sales. Even the mighty Minecraft had to add PVP, and as a result, the useless Enchanting to boost weapons and armor to serve it - and with the worst combat ever, yet players lapped it up and sales increased tenfold. In the end, it will be System Era that will have to decide - because the general sentiment is to add everything from other games into a new game, so that everything ends up being generic.