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    Joining Multilayer With A Friend

    I have the same problem! I could join a game once. Sometimes it works, when you don't accept the invite, but if you click on your steam friends list and click on "join game". I hope it gets fixed properly though
  2. I'm playing Astroneer on my laptop, with a mouse and a keyboard (steam). Sometimes when I collect things I fall through or out of the map. This happens either, when a rock is on my head, "burying" myself (by accident of course) or sliding or falling down at wall of a hole I dug myself. First some graphic bugs occurr then my character wiggles and suddenly he seems to be beneath the actual map then dies immediately. Normally the game shows you where you died, so you can retrieve your items, but in this case it doesn't since the game itself doesn't know where the character died, because the location seems to be outside the actual map. I hope my description is helpful. And you can fix it fast! Thanks for listening to us. Greetings.
  3. CookieAddict

    moments of lag in game

    I have a lot of laggs as well. I'm playing on my laptop and I have put all the graphic options to the lowest and still. It takes ages to load and laggs very much, while playing. My internet connection doesn't seem to be the problem, since it is fine and laggfree when playing other games.