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  1. Hello, Keyboard/Mouse, Steam. I'm having an issue where my fully collected materials may fall through the ground and completely dissapear. I've had two instances where this has happened so far. 1) When removing a material from a slot on my base i let go of the material and it fell through the floor. 2) I had a full backpack and as i completed the collection of a material, my terrain tool ejected the material onto the ground but instead the material fell through the floor. I have tried "digging" into the ground to find it but i suppose that it just falls through the entire map or it may land in a lower cavern somewhere.
  2. Conticent

    Character stuck in shuttle extension

    I have also found that if I force myself to get stuck in the terrain by either flattening the terrain as i run into it, or by adding ground underneath me until my character is pressed into an overhead terrain, I am able to have my character "fly" around the map in any direction i choose as long as i stay within the terrain that I am stuck in. Really feels like cheating since i can see everything above and below me while also being able to easily escape caverns by "flying" back to ground level.
  3. [Mouse/Keyboard, Steam] My character became stuck within the shuttle extension as I extended the shuttle towards my character's position. Character was doing swimming motions while stuck but minutes later I was able to move the character as he/she's actions settled.