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  1. I would like to see a way to choose whether you play on your own world or a way for you to come across other players, I know it might not be possible to have two people land on the same planet but if by chance we landed on Terra and went to another planet we could find someone else wandering around the planet even if we couldn't use the items they have built, it would just be cool to go wow I just saw someone running around.
  2. Eraycer


    I agree that having them spawn very rare materials would be a cool addition.
  3. +1 I'm all for moving it.
  4. I love this game and I'm having so much enjoyment that I haven't left planet yet. But heres why, I build a shuttle but went off to find fuel and more items to build a seat and gas up the rig as I was out I found a big solar panel so I went back and created a winch and for whatever reason it wouldn't hook on so I thought I needed a crane, I got what I needed and built a crane so that I could grab the panel. But because my shuttle was still in the vehicle bay I now have a crane that I can't remove on my shuttle and because of that I can't mount a seat. So I moved to Beverly and drove for about 3 hours trying to find the solar panel I found it calculated where I need to plant my new habitat so that I could use it for power, put down some resin and the pod came all the way out to the solar panel and covered the mounting point which meant I just wasted 4 hours just getting to it. I would like to see customizable planets where we can pick how many caves we have and be able to choose where our new pods are placed. I feel its a very fun game and is look to have a very bright future, I see this game having the potential to grow just as minecraft did before Microsoft cashed in on it.
  5. Eraycer

    A suggestion/wish or two

    +1 I like your ideas. The caves are cool but I had an issue where my truck once I jumped out of it slid down into one, I figured I could drive out of it someplace after spending 5 hours trying to find a way out I just went and made a way out. Drove off from that one and drove into another one because the view range of the truck is not enough to see another one coming.
  6. Eraycer


    Good idea for realism the only problem I have with it is that my planet has a sand storm every 5 minutes so I might spend all my game time repairing them.
  7. Eraycer

    Tech Trees

    Hmm, I think I like this? Also could make it so you have to search for a direct type of researchable pod.
  8. Eraycer

    Sustainability, You?

    Funny I just started relocating the trees and stuff around my hab hoping to help deflect the storms. My new game I started landed me into a canyon so I opened it up a little at the bottom to help make room, I think I like the location better than my first game.
  9. I have yet to have an issue with this game, I did have one thing that an item kept clicking but once I left the game and came back all was fine.
  10. I have been going through the forums which are almost too active to keep up with to find out if it is ever a plan to be able to use some of the space rubble you find on the planet for your habitat? I haven't gone far enough into the game to get a winch to be able to try and move the wreckage I have found and try to use it, but I have noticed that it has the hookups. Also will it of is it possible to land on a planet that already has a player on it, it would be cool to see what others are doing but no have the ability to take or use their items. Thank you.
  11. Eraycer

    Hostiles / Base Defences / Weapons

    -1 What makes this game so much fun is not having to worry about things like this. I would suggest Elite Dangerous.
  12. Eraycer

    Houses and indoors

    That would be cool, I wouldn't mind having it to place over my habitat so that I could do stuff while the storms are present.