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  1. justin-belcher@hotmail.com

    settings keep changing

    every time i log in i have to reset the graf. to low and apply it won't remember my settings from the last time i played
  2. justin-belcher@hotmail.com

    bug getting into vehicles

    pick up and replace the seat or drill head this should help
  3. justin-belcher@hotmail.com

    Rover gobbles up small generator (0.6.8 Steam)

    same win 10
  4. justin-belcher@hotmail.com

    (bug) tons of resources from smelters

    first i play on win 10, ok so if you have an extra large platform (the stop sign looking one) and two smelters just turn them on and put raw ore on it and have fun got 58 Copper off one ore, sorry guys
  5. justin-belcher@hotmail.com

    and let there be a light

    I need / want a better light for cave searching mabee something 360 deg. mabee a backpack attachment or for the rover its hard to see down there the headlights are nice but if something gets to close no light so only choice I have right now for using the rover to look in caves is to get out and place a line only for light. plez comment if you would like a light
  6. justin-belcher@hotmail.com

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    the cord that attaches your truck to the base does not break off when driving away thus you can have all power from base on the road even in caves
  7. justin-belcher@hotmail.com

    trade ship cheat / bug

  8. justin-belcher@hotmail.com

    What Do You Think?

    great idea, fun , and I'm so thankful theres no pv anything
  9. justin-belcher@hotmail.com

    trade ship cheat / bug

    you can remove the stuff you send on trade ship after it takes off if you fast enuff you can reclaim it all and still get what you wanted
  10. justin-belcher@hotmail.com

    mabee a bug

    when I made my screen size smaller was able to drive but full screen it wont
  11. justin-belcher@hotmail.com

    mabee a bug

    everytime I make a rover it wont move idk if its a game thing or on my end power just runs out and I get no where and there a weird noise neer the rover did my best to add a vid hope I can fix this WIN_20161218_15_50_44_Pro.mp4
  12. justin-belcher@hotmail.com

    Anyone know what this is?

    click the little pointed end to attach it to stuff you want to drag ex. big solar panels crashed on the planet fyi thou I brought one to my base and it crashed my game and wont load so be carefull
  13. justin-belcher@hotmail.com

    has there been an updat for win 10 ver.

    was wondering if theres been an update for the win 10 ver. the low fps and the fact I cant drive anywhere are making this game less injoyable just want to make sure there is nothing to do on my end to get the updates
  14. justin-belcher@hotmail.com

    Game crashing at loading a particular save

    same here I towed a big solar panel into my base area it froze and crashed now wont load stops at the message screen and then shuts down ps win 10 ver.
  15. justin-belcher@hotmail.com


    ps4 wont get it intel it is finished read forms