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  1. Sitting in a spaceship in the module for the three in any of the places to be stuck his head through the hatch. orange character. And the fire is not correctly displayed / compressed air pipes from the adjustment. Steam/Keyboard
  2. I did not find how to edit the previous post. I should add here. I use a keyboard and mouse. Steam version of the game.
  3. Удали Visual. Перезагрузи комп. Потом через стим его установи. Если у тебя не пиратка конечно. Если пиратка то свежую версию найди и поставь. Должно работать
  4. If you raise the subject for research and die with him, then he will be in the hands of at spawn. Sorry for my English. I have with him bad. Astro-Win64-Shipping_2016-12-27_15-57-40-08.avi