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  1. Hello everyone, i have a couple of question: 1)Why can't we set render distance? I have the feel that's shorter than before, if i've the graphic-power, why can't i increase it? I think it's a nice graphic option 2)Why Q open the backpack AND the Catalog? I'd like to open/Close the backpack with Q not to open the catalog everytime
  2. I know how you research, but in my opinion it's not immediate and fun as it was before, looks like more "grinding"
  3. I really don't like the new patch, waiting for bytes? Come on i want to play not to wait hours exploring while my base farm bytes to unlock new things... Am i the only one or someone else dislike this?
  4. Dear System Era, I love your game, and because it run on Unreal Engine 4, I would ask if you can add Nvidia Ansel to it. I think that it could be awesome for some 360 Screenshots or Free-camera Screenshots. Let me know what you think Have a nice day