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  1. Nucfuts

    Vehicles flying off

    Not a fix but a workaround. Take the seat off the vehicle it should fall to the ground. Put the seat back on it should work for awhile. Large Rover pulling 2 medium rovers rarely takes off on me.
  2. Nucfuts


    If you exit the game without saving, when you reload it will take you to the spot you entered the vehicle. Also, the moment your vehicle starts to float, get out and remove the seat. The vehicle should fall to the ground. I am on an XBOX with the 182 patch.
  3. Nucfuts

    182 - Steam - Research limitations

    I was having the same issue. It seemed to correct when I saved and reliaded
  4. Nucfuts

    [PC Patch 182] Oxygen Tank in Backpack

    I have the same issue. I am on xbox with patch 182. I also noticed tanks are made with compound now
  5. Nucfuts

    Spaceship tether not working

    I am on an XBOX with the 155 patch I had the same issue on the Barren world. The first tether would light blue and you connected to it. Anything past that was black until I adjusted the first tether but I wouldn't connect to any tether past the one attached to base.
  6. Nucfuts

    Non-host player problems

    I am on an XBOX with the 155 Patch and have run into the same thing. Even if I dig it out of the ground and my backpack is full I cannot pick it up.
  7. Nucfuts

    Research Stuck on 1 item

    When I went back and reloaded the old save. I still had the air filters but the remaining research worked correctly.
  8. I am on XBOX patch 154 And research was just giving me Air Filters this morning. I had a save that had no research on it and was on the moon. This save is prior to the update. I was setting it up for the patch since the moon is basically covered in research items. The first research gave me the Air Filter Blueprint. I opened the next 6 and all it gave me was air filters. They were all different research items. Maybe it was just the fact that it was an old save. Ill start a new one later and see if it continues.
  9. Nucfuts

    Load saved game fall from space

    I can try and then upload a video from my phone. Unsure how to record on an xbox and share it.
  10. I am on an XBOX with the latest updates. I am currently building a base on the moon. I have found that when I load the save file, after saving in a cave, I start the game high enough in the air that I can see 2/3's of the curve of the moon. The fall to the moon is non fatal, and the view from that height has shown me where resources are, but I thought I had better report it anyway.
  11. Nucfuts


    I would delete the local file and let it redownload from the server. its an option under MANAGE GAME on the XBOX.
  12. Nucfuts


    I had a similar problem but mine was on an XBOX. I had to delete all local save games and then astroneer loaded and resynced with the cloud server so the game redownloaded. I don't know how that would work for a computer.
  13. Nucfuts

    Tether only working on one side of base

    Update... I had to quit playing that save. I am near 120 platforms and the lag showed up all at once. Nice thing about It though.... You have power for most of the time as the sun has a larger arc to cover and power does travel from one end to the other. I have noticed that the power shows up all at once when there isn't a solar panel near you. Instead of a normal power build up, the entire unit charges in one burst. Can't complain, the printer fly's when you don't really have to wait for power.
  14. Nucfuts

    Tether only working on one side of base

    I decided to run a test on the starter world. I have 60 platforms in a line and the tethers all still work. I have no performance issues either. I wonder if it is a problem associated with being off the main world.
  15. I am on an XBOX ONE. I did a rush to get to the moon. I had a tether line going out from one side of the base to get to a cave. I was 3 levels down in the cave when I decided to end for the night. I saved, when I got back the next day, all the tethers were black and not working. I went all the way back to the first one, removed it, and put it back. No help, the tethers were still black past the first tether I put down. So I connected a second one on the same side. All the tethers lit up. Problem was, I would only connect to the line between the base and the first tether. While all the others were lit, I wouldn't connect. So I went to the other side of the base and ran a few tethers out. They all worked even 6 tethers out. I ran a line around the base and connected to the first tether line. I could now connect all the way down to the lowest level of the cave. Problem is, I only draw power on the new added section, not any of the old sections even If I connect new line to them. My next task will be to remove all the old tethers and run a new line down and see if that works. It appears the problem only exists on one side of my base. Oh, I should mention, I was trying to see how many platforms I could put out before the Lag started. I have 30-40 in a straight line going west from the base. Those all have no power problems until I get back to the main cluster of the base.