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  1. Genophix

    Oxygen should not be infinite

    We could just have a system like what Subnautica uses, where when you start the game you choose the level of difficulty and which survival elements you want in place. I do appreciate this adds strain to the developers to balance the game for all 'modes'. I personally think the finite O2 is a good idea and here's why. How many times have you played a game like Oblivion or the Witcher 3 where the core challenge of the game disappears due to levelling up. The exploration then starts to feel pointless and dull. I'm not saying give players 3 minutes to get O2 plants working from the second they land, but make O2 something the player needs to consider. Let's face it, right now the atmosphere and planet are the main characters of the game. Most developers would take the easy route to 'challenge' and add mobs. What if the planet was the challenge. I'm talking about dynamic volcanic activity, gas pockets that blow pieces of the surface into orbit (and if your friends can get to you in time save you), sunlight that heats the surface up (think Riddick) and so on. When you go in this direction your supply of O2 becomes the game's currency and the reminder you're not sat on earth watching your garden grow. You're in a hostile environment and having to O2 to consider would take away the key motivator for the player.
  2. Genophix

    New Spider/walker

    Yeah that's another possible solution, I've always loved hover vehicles. You would nee a way of locking it down in storms though ^^
  3. Genophix

    Oxygen should not be infinite

    I really like the idea of the O2 being limited. Lets face it, it's the most basic resource we need and so if this was not just there all the time it would add a level of urgency to the game.
  4. Genophix

    Shuttle landing pad module

    Yes good idea, this is currently a huge problem when trying to move to another planet and build a vehicle, I've often ended up having to build 2 vehicle bays to get around it
  5. Genophix

    New Spider/walker

    Heya, So while I love the rover and truck they are obviously nigh on useless when you leave the first planet either because of the terrain or the lack of gravity. So I was thinking how useful a spider/walker type vehicle would be. It would have the same functions as normal vehicles but instead of wheels it would use legs to step over the boulders and spikes. I think the trade off would be that it would move slower when on flat ground compared to the rover but when on say, the Arid planet, the spider would be a far better choice. Depending on how it was designed (size/elevation) you could also use it for subterranean exploration. Thanks