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  1. I wonder why I don’t get any unlocks of suits or colors. The steam achievements were seriously lagging behind but eventually it did catch up (except some). Finished the game and started a new one. Same story after unlocking Sylva, again no suit. Does anyone know the mechanics behind this? Not a really big deal, but irritating. And had the retro suit for some time, not anymore. Playing on Steam: Win10, i7-6800k 6-core, 32gb DDR4 ram, GTX 1080, Smooth and crash free. Cheers Capt Harpoon
  2. Capt_Harpoon

    Research Pods

    We need a picture with all collected. As I provided before 1.0
  3. Capt_Harpoon

    Zebra Balls

    Found one on Sylva in first level caves. Seen it on other planets also but only the zebra one
  4. Capt_Harpoon

    Galactic Suit

    Yepp, done everything. Watched the credits and beaten the game. Still missing nearly all unlocks and about 15 achievements. I have not done the multiplayer achievements. Also missing retro suit had it in the beginning of 1.0. Did take a walk down to the center of the planet after last 1.09 update. Still no achievement.
  5. Same here. Missing all the suits (also retro), colors, dances and about 15 achievements. Except for fireworks and multiplayer all are done and the game is finished.
  6. Capt_Harpoon

    Solar Array

    What Gray, solar array give a power output of 8. The RTG only 4, so I like them
  7. I use the tractor with one trailer with RTG. Just drill down (cheat as i know the materials needed). Then with 4 repack tool, pack up the tractor & trailer and use the portal to get back. And just one gate at the planet surface unlocked. With 750 hours played I have no patient to grind any more ... Don't seem to get any unlocks of suits or colors ... don't mind that much
  8. Capt_Harpoon

    Research pods

    Yes, just delete it. Not relevant after the 1.0 update. The research pods are not that necessary anymore. I got most of the bits in my current game at lower cave levels nodes on other planets. Seems also that all pods on starter planets has same low level.
  9. Capt_Harpoon

    Resource balancing may be off.

    As in earlier versions of the game I just start a new game if I'm not happy with the starting point.
  10. Capt_Harpoon

    Resource HELP!!!

    On the starter planet I have found it in the mountains. Just below the snow caps. Drill head for the tool makes easier to collect
  11. Capt_Harpoon

    Stuck on home planet

    Find a compund and make a generator on your backpack. Feed it with organic
  12. Capt_Harpoon

    Research Pods

    I don't this information have been researched by the community. I made such a list before, but back then all could be found on Terran. Not sure if this is the case anymore. So this task is open for grabbing. Make a list and record where they are found and post it here
  13. Capt_Harpoon

    Lost Everything (About 70 to 100 hours)

    After I was stuck in an unplaced habitat in january 2017 i made an habit to always take backup of my save folder before I start playing The folder can be found here: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved And its called SaveGames I copy this catalog to another place and change the name to SaveGames 18.10.01 This has saved me several times. If gameplay is gone bad I simply delete Astroneers SaveGames and copy in the backup catalog (remove the date) This may save your game
  14. Capt_Harpoon

    Waring about 0.9.2: Can't fly from a large storage

    The point is not why you can’t fly from a large storage. The point is when doing that change it would be nice to know about in advance since it has work since first release
  15. Capt_Harpoon

    New Craft update broke the game?

    Or Tundra and get both in one run