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  1. Got inspired ... more ? Naah ...
  2. You can't use the old Exo platform from the Christmas event. Make a new one and then it should be okey. Cheers
  3. Before I start a game I always make a copy of the save folder and add the date to the foldername. I have done this since stuck in a drop pod many years ago. It has saved me more than one time
  4. Glacio is my top. Reason is top end research containers. Ammonium easy to spot on surface to unlock them and graphite also, to pack them up.
  5. Small solar gets distorted when visiting other planets. After restart of game it is normal again, This has been the case since early beta. Make sure you have a medium storage free with 8 sports on the side. If it happens repack it with packager
  6. Yepp, that's seems correct. First it was reduced then after the last update set to not reseachable. Could mean they are planning something ... but I dont know.
  7. Make sure you have a medium storage on the side with 8 free spots
  8. Did you have a medium storage next to it with all 8 positions free?
  9. I wonder why I don’t get any unlocks of suits or colors. The steam achievements were seriously lagging behind but eventually it did catch up (except some). Finished the game and started a new one. Same story after unlocking Sylva, again no suit. Does anyone know the mechanics behind this? Not a really big deal, but irritating. And had the retro suit for some time, not anymore. Playing on Steam: Win10, i7-6800k 6-core, 32gb DDR4 ram, GTX 1080, Smooth and crash free. Cheers Capt Harpoon
  10. We need a picture with all collected. As I provided before 1.0
  11. Found one on Sylva in first level caves. Seen it on other planets also but only the zebra one
  12. Yepp, done everything. Watched the credits and beaten the game. Still missing nearly all unlocks and about 15 achievements. I have not done the multiplayer achievements. Also missing retro suit had it in the beginning of 1.0. Did take a walk down to the center of the planet after last 1.09 update. Still no achievement.
  13. Same here. Missing all the suits (also retro), colors, dances and about 15 achievements. Except for fireworks and multiplayer all are done and the game is finished.
  14. What Gray, solar array give a power output of 8. The RTG only 4, so I like them
  15. I use the tractor with one trailer with RTG. Just drill down (cheat as i know the materials needed). Then with 4 repack tool, pack up the tractor & trailer and use the portal to get back. And just one gate at the planet surface unlocked. With 750 hours played I have no patient to grind any more ... Don't seem to get any unlocks of suits or colors ... don't mind that much