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  1. Just watched the most recent SES Vlog where a new suit was shown off and a minor idea popped into my head just to add some more charm. Obviously, the topic title probably said it all, but here's a few suggestions(?) For the new Haz-Mat Suit boye: (Joy) Holstering finger pistols in side/hip tubes and fires them off playfully (Happy) The typical energetic full-body wave but his large helmet throws off his balance for a second (Wave) Just the normal wave animation, idk what kind of unique addition could be used in this one lol (What?)Folds arms and steps foot in
  2. If I were to add 'weapons' I'd probably add like a net-launcher or a terrain upgrade to instantly make giant walls out of the ground to protect yourself, rather than attacking the creature.
  3. Weapons are almost guaranteed to not be added, in the sense of guns.
  4. Yeah, Leftocast is right about the game files, I use it frequently for save testing. You can copy and delete save files from the SaveGames folder if you want backups
  5. I hope I'm not the only one that's done this
  6. 1. I feel like that shouldn't be added, since whats already in the game is more realistic and players will eventually learn the hard way that "This plant is good and that plant is bad" 2. That's already in the game 3. That, I would actually be pretty alright with. I was so lost during my first time playing.
  7. Obviously many people have been begging for text/voice chat, and I made some quick (and very crude) representations on what should and shouldn't be the optimal choice for text chat. I believe that having a more local, bubble-like text chat would be more eye-appealing and realistic. Having a global text chat would be a bit more harsh on the immersion. Currently the only communication methods we have are the emotes and the left click pointer. The left click pointer already spawns a little emote bubble, so having text bubbles floating over the player's head for a short time would fit into th