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  1. MCorgano

    Toggle Medium Storage Position

    Use is the key you use to interact with things. Interacting with the medium storage to open and close it would make exactly as much sense as interacting with machines to activate them, interacting with a seat to sit in it. If your muscle memory is "push this key when i want to interact with what i'm pointing at" then it will be 100% natural and intuitive to use the same key.
  2. MCorgano

    Toggle Medium Storage Position

    Simple solution Press E (use) If its on a platform or vehicle open or close toggle else carry it
  3. MCorgano

    Terrain tool constantly stutters.

    Yeap, steam version. I wonder if the windows store version has this issue
  4. MCorgano

    Storage module for tractor trailer

    the problem is that breaks consistency. Large storage goes from a [4] slot to 4x[2] slot. It doubles the total number of slots, and reduces their size by 1 Using the same logic, a mini-large storage would take a [2] slot, and convert to 4x[1] slots. That's only 4 single items - the medium storage gives you eight. I really would like a way to carry more research items early game, but there is no way to do this without either being exploitable, or breaking consistency with how the rest of the slots act.
  5. MCorgano

    Automation & Streamlining Ideas

    Have you SEEN the large shuttles lately? They're MASSIVE That, and there are already (spoiler-ish) ways of transporting stuff long distances. I approve. You could blow smaller stuff for scrap, at the cost of needing dynamite, or you could break larger scrap peices into moveable / scrapable chunks. I like this concept but executed differently. I'd love to see something like this: It should be 1x1, so you can pop it on a medium storage or a platform, and have a menu when you hit "use". Reuse the panel from the soil centrifuge / trade platform to select a resource, and when there is a storage in front of it with that resource it picks it up and pops it down on the storage it's on I like the idea of having "base upgrades" to the terraform tool. They could be research that you buy for bits, that upgrades the base speed, size, etc of the terrain tool. They could make these upgrades uncapped, so they get more costly as time goes on, and let endgame players have something to dump points into. The standard mods would never run out of usefulness because they could act as a multiplier - if the boost mod makes you 50% faster, and your base speed is 125%, you still see a benefit. As far as base building, we're not going to get anything super amazingly complicated until they release a way to do angle snapping in set increments, to give us greater control of how we shape the world
  6. MCorgano

    Toggle Medium Storage Position

    +10,000 Medium storage don't have a "use" action, re-use the hook on machines that opens the control panel, and instead make it toggle standing up or flat.
  7. MCorgano

    Make distant beacons visible on the horizon

    +1 to both of these ideas. Hell they could add a mark around the edge of the compass that appears when you hover your mouse over the player.
  8. They could have recurring research, like solar / wind power generation up, mining speed up, etc. Things that can act as bit sponges in the endgame
  9. MCorgano


    I've experienced this with research that generate on the bottom of grown plants, perhaps they are related? the ground seems a lot more "eager" to let go of objects than it used to be.
  10. How is there still not an autosave feature in the "full release" of this game. This is the most basic quality of life thing you can have. Nothing annoys people more than losing hours of work because the software crashes. Even microsoft, a MULTI-BILLION dollar company, with HUNDREDS of developers has autosave in microsoft word (a mature, well-developed software). IF anyone could write software stable enough and confidently enough to not need autosave it is microsoft - and yet even they include it in all their office products. LEARN FROM THE GOOD IDEAS OF BILLIONAIRES! Prevent people getting pissed off from loosing hours of work. Add autosave. It REALLY can't be that hard - you even have a menu for saves now. I mean, really... How?
  11. MCorgano

    This is seriously full release?

    The thing is you expect this crap out of early access. Then they released the game ....But this is not a released game. They can call it "released" but this is still early access quality. There's lots of good ideas in this update, but it is 90% not ready for release. What they SHOULD have done is have a release candidate (anyone remember those?) where you take your software, and you FREEZE IT - NO NEW FEATURES. Just give it to everyone for 2-4 weeks to find bugs. do NOTHING but bug fixes. THEN you release the RC But they didn't do that. They are a relatively new company and FFS companies these days know nothing about QA. They added features and major changes right before a release, and now they're going to have to deal with the shitstorm of people complaining about it. I look forward to the REAL official release, in what - late march? That's probably how long astroneer will take for this update to become release quality
  12. I've had 3/3 plants that I've planted simply dump their research objects through the ground when I went to harvest them. Usually research items remain "stuck" in the ground until you dig them up, but plants you plant yourself don't do this. The research they generate falls through the ground faster than you can dig to try and catch it.
  13. MCorgano


    There are a lot of things missing from this "full release" that were in the last early access: Hold "use" to activate printers, smelters, machines, etc without opening the control panel. This is a HUGE Quality of Life improvement and it is missing with the control update Placing items on smelters / research pods / machines is now much more difficult. Being able to seperate big modules from platforms is a boon, but it broke the old behavior of including the large module's hitbox / platforms hitbox to place items on the modules slot. Example: Placing items on research modules (especially small items) requires you clicking EXACTLY on the connection point. In the early access version, you click ANYWHERE on the research module's hitbox, and it would put it on the research module. Clicking ANYWHERE on the platform holding the research module, would put it on the platform or research module. This is also apparent with things like storage, smelters, etc. It seems the bit of code that searches for a place to snap items to has been bjorked It is no longer possible to assign multiple actions to one key. I had terrain tool and "use" assigned to one key in the early access current behavior: switches the keys when you attempt to assign two things to the same key suggestion: Let both be assigned to the same key, but just highlight the key in red I will update this list if I find anything oddly missing from the release version that was in the early access versions
  14. MCorgano

    Terrain tool constantly stutters.

    +1 I'm getting this issue too. The last early access version runs buttery smooth though
  15. MCorgano

    Is this a joke?

    Ignoring the nasty tone of this thread for a moment, autosaves have been requested now and then for a LONG time. PLEASE add autosaves! like every 10 mins - unless you are 110% sure that the game is COMPLETELY STABLE!. Even microsoft, who is a MULTI BILLION dollar company, in microsoft word which has been around for DECADES has autosaves. Why? Even the best software crashes sometimes. Losing work annoys people. Add autosaves please. As a side note, Yes people are going to be annoyed that the full release of the game isn't as polished as a full release should be. I for one notice a lot of stutter in the digging tool as I dig, framerate is lower than the alpha, the hotkey for "start machine" like printers and research is gone (Why?) and I can no longer have terrain tool and use on the same key. It honestly feels like the latest pre-release was more polished than the finished product. I really hope they fix things up quickly.