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  1. When is the drawing?
  2. I was exploring a cave on the moon and came across this. It's not research so I can't identify it. Does anybody know what it is or is it just something cool to have at you base.
  3. I flew to another planet and built off of my shuttle. I then noticed that I messed up and couldn't build anymore. I flew back home then to another planet and couldn't build off of my shuttle. Why?
  4. Sorry, 2 games which are rocket league and amazing frog?. I also have a few games in my library
  5. I have an alienware 13 r2 (laptop) with an intel core i7 and 32 gigs ram with one other game installed and guess what, the game lags. I can't get the full experience because of the dreadful lag. I hope there is a way to eliminate lag. If there is, please let me know.