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  1. Rice Alpaca

    Tether Automatic Spacing

    But it is still difficult to get the maximum length possible without spending about ten seconds on each placement
  2. Rice Alpaca

    Tether Automatic Spacing

    Emailed this idea to System Era- Cross your fingers and hope they reply!
  3. Rice Alpaca

    This game is beyond awful

    20$ for the content now, (get ready ima bout to blow your mind), and for everything that's gonna be added in the future.
  4. Rice Alpaca


    I love the idea of a companion, it gets kind of lonely on singleplayer. The idea of "sniffing" out ores is a bit overpowered though. It could have other functions though, such as, follow, or scavenge, or idle, etc.
  5. Rice Alpaca

    Base Connection

    Yes this would save SO much time and resources!
  6. Rice Alpaca

    Tether Automatic Spacing

    Glad to know someone else shares the struggle ;-;
  7. Rice Alpaca

    Tether Automatic Spacing

    Here is a better depiction of what I mean just for clarification. The dot in the middle is where you're expanding from, and the "circle" is where the game would stop the tether from going any further. However, the tether can be placed anywhere inside the "circle" as well, meaning it shouldn't be locked at the maximum length and can be shorter as desired.
  8. Rice Alpaca

    Tether Automatic Spacing

    I have burned 20 hours into Astroneer and I just want to say, AMAZING game. You've probably heard this a million times but it's true, and I really see this game becoming the next big thing. This is my first post so please do not judge too harshly. Anyways, straight to the point, I feel like a great and useful addition to the game would be a small change to tethers. Aside from the inevitable bugs, which are minor annoyances to be expected, the biggest pet peeve of mine is trying to space tethers as far as possible without losing the connection, especially when linking long distances. Now, here's my brilliant solution. Make it so that when dragging tethers, it stops at the maximum length possible, but still allowing for shorter spaced tethers. Additionally, include the option to turn this off in case players dislike this feature for whatever reason. I hope that you take this idea into consideration as it would make mine and a lot of other players' lives easier. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.