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  1. ToastedDragon

    Crane attachment

    so im not sure if this is already a fixed issue that people may have but i may not know about it but can we get like a Magnet or claw attachment for the crane to pickup larger hard to pick up items to salvage
  2. ToastedDragon

    saving Bug

    So i was going to save my game while their were 3 people in my game and when i got into the base my guy was sitting out side the base but i was able to move around and i was not able to interact with anything nor get out of the base since i was not in it to begin with
  3. ToastedDragon

    Steam workshop?

    Ohh ok my bad I tried to search it up on here but couldnt find it but thanks for the post :)
  4. ToastedDragon

    Steam workshop?

    Soo i tried to look up if anyone has talked about adding a steam workshop possibility to this game i can see it working possible 2 ways i know some people may not like this idea but i think it would be kinda cool to see ideas flowing into this amazing game #1 open source modding for the game to let anyone and everyone to make items for the game to help players make their bases better or get interesting tools to make platforms faster or ramps for buggie races but allow people to download like item like wheels bases for trucks already in game kind of like lego worlds were you can spawn building then edit them to your hearts content #2 have open source modding BUT have the community vote on what should be added into the game like what warframe dose with its community
  5. so just doing some exploring around on beginning planet and i noticed a solar panel with a working port so i remembered that you can make a winch so i tried to bring this giant solar panel and i cant believe that it actually worked it powers my entire base really well
  6. ToastedDragon

    Dump truck and compactor/other ideas

    i have played it but i have not seen the gravity beam you are talking about what i hope my idea would accomplish if they go with it fix some problems that i have seen come up in my multiple maps i have made were my world slowly start to decay for some unknown reason but i can only asume is due to a lot of items being spawned on the map and i have noticed that some items will respawn randomly like before i could even make them i found 9 small wind gen's 7 mid wind gen's 12 small battery and some others items that were really useful at the time but i think the start of my maps downfall was leaving all the big items like the platforms and i could see how that gravity beam would work out the more i think about it but i can see the Gravity beam being a good use and would tie up a lot of problems but they wouldn't really need to make a whole new truck all they would need to do is make an attachment or attachments depending on how long you wanted to make the trailer like in these pictures in the second picture with the really long bed i think you could make it attach by the underside by both sides of the large rover to allow it to make turns still but just at a much wider area but i would say make the trailer much wider or taller so that way items wont fall out and i completely agree about keeping it futuristic but some times you cant beat the basics
  7. im not sure if someone else has already said this or not but i think it would be a cool idea to add in a dump truck to haul all the items around or like what i was doing was i had the shredder on my truck but i was running into problems of items duping or items spawning on top of other items make it hard to actually grab stuff and if you guys make a compactor into the game it would allow us to compact large items like broken platforms large packed boxes in case you built an extra shuttle that you didnt need so make it into a block of scrap that then we can take to the shredder to make into more scrap some rope that if you were to make a really deep hole into the ground you can place like a pulley system to bring you up or down the hole with out killing your self on accident add a header to the front of the tractor that allows you to mow up organic or a saw to allow you to cut down trees
  8. ToastedDragon

    unlocking colors

    so i know someone may have already talked about this and i hope someone can link me to the page were i can find out how to unlock others colors to use?
  9. ToastedDragon


    Thanks lol. I know they called something els but if you read one of my earlier posts back from i wanna say 2016?? im not sure but its a funny story about it and why i call it the death ball :]
  10. ToastedDragon

    Getting back into the game

    Thanks! i have not had the chance to make storage space so its kinda all over the place is piles haha
  11. ToastedDragon


    it now has a new home
  12. ToastedDragon


    Went digging around really low in the world and i found Death ball time for a new adventure with it
  13. ToastedDragon

    Getting back into the game

    After 3 long years on not playing this game and seeing all of its updates im going to try and start being active again on here i know i wasnt much before but i want to find Death orb or orbs depending on how many their are actually haha and see what happens since i know this game still has bugs and i love finding them. take this picturte for instance i was underground mining and a buddy of mine hopped into my tractor and it just exploded then just started spazzing out and flying up the only way i got it back was having to leave the area for awhile to get it to deload the area then walk back down to find it possible fixed cant say for sure their was another bug that i found that were when i went to go save my game in my base only my guy sat out side of it after quitting the game and loading it back up i for some reason had a birds eye view of the base i gata same it is an awesome bug to get some cool shots of the base but the only way to fix it is to go back into your base to sit down then get out and it should be fine
  14. ToastedDragon

    Death Orb???

    Hahaha if anything more happens with the Death orb i will try and remember to post them here