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  1. If you hover the reticle on yourself a compass appears. No need for astral navigation. Unfortunately picking a random compass direction and heading in a straight line will not guarantee success. As an example: if you are 100 km North of the base, and turn due east you can walk the circumference of the entire planet and never be closer than the original 100 km. It does make a systematic search possible, though. I wonder if you climbed a peak, would the game physics give you a longer view, possibly triggering your home beacons to show up. Worth a try.
  2. Here is a screenshot of spaceship/shuttle overlapping. System: Xbox One Led up to bug: Took spaceship out to another planet. Returned to the home base, spaceship landed in shuttle vehicle bay. How to repeat: See above.
  3. My idea would fill a need within the game to provide pathways comfortable for a truck or rover to follow in order to cross otherwise unpassable terrain, OR to provide a means to level a large area of ground for expansion of the base. Currently the only ways to achieve this is with the deform tool under "level" mode or to attach the drill head to the front of the truck, which tends to be unmanageable. The problem is that this tool is difficult to use when you want to create a wide, level surface, and the deform tool does not automatically destroy decorations such as rocks or stalagmites. I
  4. Agreed. Controller: Xbox One Controller System: Xbox One Leading Act: Waiting in habitat for windstorm to pass. Wind turbine does not spin. How to reproduce: Provide an empty battery next to a wind turbine, wait for windstorm, find cover, watch wind turbine. Only on the off chance "wind" was previously registered to be occurring will the turbine spin.
  5. 1. Controller: Xbox One Controller 2. System: Xbox One 3. Doing previously: Loading Saved Game 4. What to reproduce: Find a natural cave entrance; reshape the ground, paying attention to remove the "solid" larger stalagmites which block vehicular travel; smooth the ground back to near original surface. Return to base, save game & quit. Reload game, revisit cave. Stalagmite will have returned (as will, if you have reshaped the interior of the cave system, many of the decorations (stalagmites, stalactites, wall outcrops, stones, etc.).
  6. 1. Type of controller: Xbox One Controller 2. System: Xbox One 3. What led up to it: Loaded a prior saved game. 4. Reproduce Bug: Go underground with a truck, into a cave housing flora with research attached. Save & quit the game. Upon loading the game some of the flora will not have regenerated within the cave system. However, all research items will spawn. Some research items will fall down, if previously attached to branches. I believe it spawns some research that was previously underground within the root system of the flora, and places it on the nearest surface.
  7. Mouse/keyboard? Controller? - Controller Steam? Xbox? Xbox One What were you doing leading up to this bug? Just loaded game. Had saved the game with a piece of research on the research platform, fully powered. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Load a saved game with a fully powered research platform and the research connected to the platform. Upon loading the "i" icon will not appear. To allow the icon to appear; detach and reattach the piece of research. Include any media you
  8. Mouse/keyboard? Controller? - Xbox One Controller Steam? Xbox? - Xbox One What were you doing leading up to this bug? - I Have separate bays for trucks and shuttle (no conflict between trucks and shuttle). Left truck at base, took a ride in shuttle to other landing site. Explored site, returned to home base. Upon arrival truck was missing. I also noted there were seams in between the surface polygons where I could see narrow slits of the cave system below, where it seems the ground had been regenerated. I saw the marker for the truck within the cave system. Any steps tha