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  1. Just started this level... not even 4 min ago... and already have a console showing up on the hub.
  2. BajungaDustin

    Possible Memory Leak?

    def a leak of some sort. When it happened to me i restarted my computer and it was fine.. but the game has only been out for a little over 10 days.. give it some time.. there isnt all that much to do in game currently anyway.. we have a year of development and content patches and bug fixes to look forward to
  3. BajungaDustin


    No.. space engineers is a building sandbox that focuses on vehicle creation and exploration with PVP thrown in. No.. but with no real bad guys in the game.. a vehicle mounted "Energy Cannon" tho? to what end? when i said more enemies i meant more plant life like enemies instead of just the proximity based enemies. (Spikes and gas clouds) I would like to see enemies throw things from a distance that are more obvious projectiles and i would like to see a ranged option to disable these plants temporarily so i can run up and dig them out. you said I missed a comma and took some liberties with Sentry gun definitions because i feel like most sentry guns are gatlin turrets.. i was not suggesting that you means suits with gatlin guns.. sorry if it came across that way. I completely agree. The power of this game is the low poly and the unique gameplay features. and yes things from Space engineers and Factorio have had influences on this game without a doubt.. i would like a floating hovercraft of sorts with some storage that i could fly down a hole and land in a cave. or the ability to fly myself to other planets. But to say that that means i want Astroneer to become space engineers is a reach. Space engineers is a MASSIVE space explorations game taking several hours some times to navigate from planet to planet (at normal game speeds) and this game is as the developers put it "Focusing on the player itself rather than a massive environment" I appreciate the game as is and its lacking in some fundamentals that will help it drastically. like being able to actually move spaceships and shuttles.. deleting base structures.. and a goal. But the PVP aspect and energy cannons.. drones.. turrets.. sounds a little too much like space engineers to me. I dont need a PVP aspect to enjoy a game. That being said.. if they should ever add that aspect it would have to be available on a server that could have multiple players instead of just 3 or 4. It will also have to have some form of percise landing ability instead of jsut the "blue landing zones" currently because if people want to build a base and then leave it when they log off they would need to be able to come back and find that base either in tact or scrapped by an enemy player while they were offline. And that leaves the game heading toward things like turrets and drones.. and it just feels like its totally going to change the entire feel of the game and just let it blend in to the countless other sandbox pvp games out there. I was not trying to flame your suggestions just that most of your suggestions are currently available in space engineers and i would like to see this game keep the absence of PVP as one of its strong points.
  4. BajungaDustin

    Possible Memory Leak?

    the game has a hard time handling multiple rovers and trucks hooked together. My computer is better than yours by quite a bit and the memory spikes when i hook up about 4 to 5 rovers. I havent kept count of tethers but i feel like 60 to 80 maybe on one planet for me is about average. I have also had bases on 4 planets for a total of 6 decent sized bases and several tethers and had no issues with memory. But i have also have the memory leak with almost nothing in game. But still the rovers hooking up caused memory spike and in game performance drops. Intel 6Gen i7 6700k Radeon R9 390X MSI Z-170-A (M7) Win10 x64
  5. BajungaDustin

    Steam Multiplayer not working at all

    i found a small workaround.. instead of "join game" on another player. Start a game and Shift+Tab and send them an "Invite" there seems to be a bug with handshaking and otehrs have claimed since the firewall doesn't have a pop up when the game first launches that it might block that connection. but i was able to play with my son by doing an invite insead of him trying to join. We both did turn off our firewalls prior to trying the invite method.. but unsure if that was required because we didnt turn it back on. We also experienced severe lag on host side the first few connects.. a computer restart fixed this issue for me.
  6. Back pack seems a little too... finalized. I would like to see it start out with 2 or 4 slots on it.. and then re-searchable / upgradable with materials later on that allow for 2 more spaces at a time. extending to a 3x4 final back pack with the 2 extenders being added at tome point.. or... possibly an opening back pack that will only show you the outer 8 slots.. and then later... gets an upgrade so that the backpack separates vertically left and right to reveal a hidden section of 2x4 like so
  7. i agree.. but if they do not have enemies.. there needs to be a TON of secrets / explorable (hard to find) areas. More materials.. and a GOAL of some sort.. cause right now its not even a survival game until hunger gets added.. but then.. what are you surviving for. I would like to see a "Myst / Riven" style exploration system. where you find hidden rooms or in this case spaceships or planet ruins that reveal secrets and objects that when combined together maybe eventually make a portal to an unreachable planet in a different solar system. Just spit balling.. but yeah i dont see a big need for AI bad guys
  8. BajungaDustin


    I feel like you are simply trying to turn this game into Space Engineers Space engineers is a great game.. I would like to see "some things" come from space engineers too like more customizable buildings, bases, vehicles.. Enemies.. Simple Weapons and the ability to actually fly your space ship. But programmable drones and turrets and exosuits gatlin turrets and energy cannons.. all of that is just space engineers. And you should play space engineers if you like that kind of thing but we already have that game.. and dont need another one EXACTLY like it
  9. BajungaDustin

    Multiplayer Not Working

    is there no solution to this yet? Same problem. Intel 6th gen i7 Amd radeaon 390
  10. the steam multiplayer "join function" (with my game completely off) only loads so far as THIS SCREEN then crashes Win10x64
  11. BajungaDustin

    Copper resource not removable after smelting

    This happened to me on my first 2 games. It seemed that if I tried to smelt more than one ore at a time it was only creating 1/3rd of a bar per ore.. but when I just used one ore it would come out ok. But after a few new games I tried it again and it works perfectly. Just make sure you have enough space for it to place the ore when it's done .. Try placing a storage node on either side
  12. BajungaDustin

    Clipping Through Planet and falling UP

    can we get a list of reported and known bugs?
  13. BajungaDustin

    Planet Display Glitch in solar system view

    also in the lower solar system view too - Screenshot And from another Planet - Screenshot
  14. Just like it says - Screenshot
  15. BajungaDustin

    Drill Spitting out unusable Partials

    there needs to be a way to remove the partials or implement the same kind of system the hand held drill has where it switches to a partially completed material whenever it starts receiving that material again.. basically allowing it to store those partials in memory and not just throwing them away when it switched to gaining a new material.