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  1. Same thing happens to me. Currently playing on build 0.3 on Xbox and the bug still exists. Strangely, this started happening to me when I had a rover connected to my truck. The bug exists when you exceed the world generation and start floating away. I thought they fixed it but apparently it still occurs.
  2. Base defenses would be awesome! For example... Maybe not in a combat sense but maybe it could protect your base from other players... sandstorms... or other things by deploying a force field or something. I've also seen the developers' podcasts and maybe it could protect from some mischievous aliens that could steal your resources... or something... (I'm getting carried away lol) Base defenses would seem like a cool idea and it would be interesting how it would work if implemented. Btw I know it's in the wrong section, but it seems so cool I just had to comment.
  3. I had a similar thing happen with my truck except it had 2 rovers on it. I went away from it and soon after it disappeared and I couldn't find it.
  4. I was playing on Xbox and went to the radiated planet. When exiting and re-entering the spaceship, my game crashed and did not save the game.
  5. Hello development team! I was recently playing in my world on Xbox and decided to relocate home base on the starting world. I decided to get my truck and two rovers, pack everything up, and travel very far away. I reached a promising mountain and decided to set up there. I scaled the mountain, placed my habitat, and sat in it to start a new base. I then travelled down the mountain to get my stuff, but I couldn't find my truck (maybe a bug, I searched for 30 min). Soon, I accidentally suffocated to death and the game respawned me to my old base in my old habitat! It was very frustrating an