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  1. Earlier, I made a post about transferring power from base to base and how this could improve the game play of Astroneer (post can be found here: After thinking this idea over for a while, I have began to think about inter-connectivity within the game on a wider scale, mainly through the addition of roads. After driving around in both the truck and the rover, I have come to the retaliation that the physics engine freaks out when vehicles attempt to pass over the various rocks and fauna that litter th
  2. I feel as if there should be some way to transfer power form bases to base, as it could potentially improve the experience of building a new habitat and provide encouragement to explore the planets more thoroughly. Bases could be connected either through the use of tethers (which can already transfer power to the player), or through the ability to craft a dedicated cable for the sole purpose of transferring large amounts of power. There is also the possibility that both could be used interchangeably, with the tethers potentially being less efficient than the 'heavy duty' cables, but retain th