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    This is why I made a suggestion that we have some kind of saw tool that can be added to the terrain tool that will allow us to make cuts at certain angles that will then allow us to flatten out that cut at whatever angle we wanted.
  2. Been playing this game since almost from the beginning and still enjoy it. The most recent patch again has made me enjoy the game even more. With all that said I just wanted to share an idea I had that I think would work well in the game. I think it would be good to have some kind of prefab terrain option. What I mean by that is when you are just digging a hole diagonal into the ground in hopes of finding great and much needed cave resources I find myself a lot of times spending lots of time trying to get the terrain at the angle I want in order to make a nice ramp downward into a big cave. Like the two pictures below It would be much better to have the terrain tool be able to make basic 3-d shapes one being a ramp in my case or a bridge. It would be up to the devs to determine if making a shape would require dirt in a canister or add dirt to one or maybe require something else entirely. I think the idea is useful because this way it would be much easier once your base is established on the surface you can start to get vehicles involved in the caves or setup a satellite base below. Some more pictures to try to get the idea better. You start here. You would select the terrain tool and select the prefab you wanted to make and press the LMB. The idea is it would automatically make a ramp or whatever. Something like this (this was of course done manually and it would not look as ugly) Another way to do this instead of a prefab terrain tool is to give us a cutter augment. The cutter mod cut be used to cut the terrain at certain angles to allow you to flatten out the terrain at that angle, the mod could even be made to be used with the wide and narrow mods as well to allow for making bigger or smaller cuts.
  3. +1 I already climb mountains using just the deform tool in the game. While its not the most ideal way to climb it certainly gets it done and would probably still be quicker than some rock climbing items in the game. That said I really like the rope idea with the Winch, that would certainly add more practical as well as creative usefulness for the Winch.
  4. KlasiK

    Resources stuck in solid rock.

    Those resources you want to mine with a crane and drillhead.
  5. I found some bugs, it doesn't happen always and has been mentioned in this thread already. I have not gone through all my stream videos to find some video examples but when mining resources with a full pack sometimes instead of dropping on the ground it disappears instead. I think it might even be dropping underground but cannot confirm that yet. The second issue is getting stuck in the new space wreckage. I have video of that below, I thought for sure I had to kill myself. I loaded into my game from yesterday (experimental build) and didn't realize it but I had some buggy dynamite in my backpack. I didn't know it was buggy until getting into the truck as it caused the truck to flip and freak out on exit. You see in the video the different things I tried thinking it was something on the truck until I found out it was the dynamite. The last thing so far is I REALLY enjoy the dynamite! I just hope we can blow up everything with it, not only the rock and stone formations that we find but wreckage and plants (bad and passive) as well. Maybe spray organic compound all around when they blow up! Its strange trying to blow a plant to smithereens only for it to still be standing after you blow a large hole in the ground.
  6. KlasiK

    HELP I've a Fungus on by back !

    Yea I put two seeds in my backpack and the same thing happened to me. They eventually grow and then spike you. Fortunately I didn't die when I was spiked and now I just leave the seeds where they fall.
  7. I have been testing the crane and after searching the forum I don't see a post regarding this. I haven't been able to catch what it is that causes this to happen yet but here is a video of a couple times where the crane destroys the resources I am mining. I am still trying to find a consistent way to duplicate this. At first I just thought that the resources were being mushed from the angle of the crane in relation to the trailer I was pulling but it happened even when I detached the trailer as well. It almost seems like as you mine sometimes you start to pick up different things at the same time, usually when mining ore for example there are plants that give you power or oxygen on the ground by the node and you pick up some of that but not enough to make a full container so as you continue to mine things it builds up and over time it spews it all out? That's a far fetched guess but that is all I have on how to duplicate that. Also I wish that the resources mined would automatically go into an open slot of the trailer instead of just shooting it out of the crane and unto the ground.
  8. KlasiK

    Conveyor belts

    Well you aren't rude I suppose but you are wrong according to the post below you.
  9. KlasiK

    Conveyor belts

    Trucks get it done for now but it is rather annoying being bounced around by the standing rocks and tree/plants. Would be much smoother with some kind of tracked vehicle to bore down things in your way with a drill attached and make your on way as far as you want.
  10. KlasiK

    Three New Vehicles

    I like the idea of some kind of cycle for scouting and the larger vehicle but the aircraft I think is redundant because they already said they were going to allow us to control the spaceship and shuttle to fly around.
  11. KlasiK

    underground railway

    Yes I was thinking the same thing.
  12. KlasiK

    Conveyor belts

    The idea isn't bad, either a conveyor belt or some sort of mine cart rail system. Another idea would be to give us some kind of tracked vehicles like bulldozers and land movers would be cool too.
  13. KlasiK

    battery and tank backpack slots

    I think they should just add a craft able backpack upgrade that would add more slots for whatever.
  14. KlasiK

    Creature and plant library

    Sounds like a good idea as stated before just to add to the exploration side of the game. Will need much more variety in plants, tree's and creatures would need to be added as well.