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  1. Game crashed as I exit a truck I had loaded as much as I possible could: Solar panel on the front 1 single-seat & 3 research...blopbs... on the top 1 resarch blob on the back Drove the truck out from the cave I had dug out and as soon as i exited the truck, the game crashed. I collected some logs and dumps, as well as my save. It's all attached zipped with 7zip in the 7z-format. Also attached is the HWinfo from dxdiag. Sent an e-mail as well, referring to this thread. I tried to repeat what happened but with no success, but when I logged in after the crash the truck was underground... I had to tear up the floor (and what a pain stuff like that is to repair...) to get it out. Good luck. Love the game so far! Merry Christmas! :-) System info: AstroSaved.7z DxDiag.txt