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    I agree with you that it's currently easy. I just imagine the developers creating stronger disasters and creatures to face as the game is currently in pre alpha. To me, if they add harder various environments that provide better materials to be explored then alloys could help be a reward to improve the astronaut. I think once you improve there should be new hazards to face.
  2. Slaying B A M F


    I think that Astroneer would be awesome with alloys to create strong, faster, or even heat resistant vehicles and astronaut suits. There should be blueprints of an alloy smelter hidden in a crashed aircraft to reward exploration. I think that advance vehicles, tools, suits would be great for this game. Please provide thoughts on this topic, Thanks, Slay
  3. I agree, there needs to be a bit more advance crafting. Perhaps after making numerous stations using resin, maybe some advance elements along with resin to create bigger branches off of the base.
  4. Slaying B A M F

    Space stations anyone?

    That's a great idea, I could see building advance computers and tech to perfect the orbit of the planet. Also flying in space with friend's planets in sight would be awesome.
  5. Slaying B A M F

    Electronics and Automation

    From some gameplay of Astroneer I would love to see some automation and simple electronic systems. For instance, a cable system set up to power lights everyday and night, by a stronger generator with an advance solar panel all connected together. These cables can be placed to power different machines and different types of batteries, perhaps a robot-like pet who needs energy to survive and can help carry more items, attack potential enemies, or even spot out rare resources. An automated routine for him to return to the base when he is low could be a command made by the player, or else the robot may lose power and require lithium batteries. Once he returns the player may have an automated dock for the robot to dump storage into crates unorganized and to charge its power back up, once fully powered up he will run to the player to attend his adventures. The storage could also be automated with advance machines that organize items that the player or robot dumps off. Furthermore, the robots can be commanded to not follow the player but to constantly organize or transfer resource from a quarry. These robots can be little spiders, dogs, cats, birds, dragons, really anything beastly. Next, a quarry that is powered by the cables could take lots of energy but can mine an area overtime to provide resources in a certain area. Robots can be commanded to transfer resources. I believe a cool step into Astroneer would be technological advances that can be applied to the player's base and the player themselves to create well developed adventure. Thanks for reading my ideas, please provide more feedback as I can't wait to see this game advance. Thank you, Slay