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  1. papau ruby

    rover in space !

    SO me and my friend trying to complete atrox and connect the teleporters things and of course the buggys sink in the ground . Dig down find it do it again this time my friend gets off my tractor it sinks out of sight instantly. ok I continue making the road to the last one then I die from a plant my friend gets off the rover gets my stuff then gets back on the rover it instantly launched into space with my friend on it . OK I give up this game is broken and can not play in two player mode at all it's just to frustrating to continue losing everything you make because randum game glitch . This Game is now a bunch of SUCK ! it needs to fixed . I don't feel I should pay good money just to be put in a Bad mood ! and yet I did .
  2. well apon second try i was able to do this . But it should not have occurred this way . it should recognize the already smelted laterite . and allowed me to move on. I might have jumped ahead on this but still think it needs some thought .
  3. This is on PC my system Has AMD 12 CORE and one nvidia 1060 TI SSC WITH 12 GIGS OF RAM . Game version is 1.313.0. Windows 10 Not sure why but because of this I can not finish the tutorial to receive that achievement . In the provided pic you can see I have smelted three and still can not move on ?
  4. papau ruby

    Buggy fell through the ground

    Yes this seems to be big issue i wish they would address it !
  5. papau ruby

    Can not see the Reticle

    I run my game on a big monitor at 3180x2160 so the reticle that was small and hard to see is now impossible to see. and there is no UI scaling option . Maybe this should be looked at now that more and more screens are getting these features? As it is I can not really play till this is addressed . :(
  6. Ok so I have the Steam version and I am running Windows 10. When ever I play and I use my bluetooth head set, if the head set dies so does the game . I found if i shut off the head set wile playing it also kills the game and the issue happens with different headset too . I have three pair and it does this with all of them . For now i'm just playing with speakers they don't go out because they are not battery operated .
  7. Happens to me as well windows 10 pc i notice it seems to be a asset placement or loss of exact last placement on save defaults to closest guess looks like .can reattach by touch and placement