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  1. I went afk in a one seated spaceship. When i were gone my m8 decided that he needed to put a 3 seater on it. so he removed the one seater with me in it, wich resulted in me not being able to exit the seat and it was not possible for any of the players to pickup the seat unit i were placed in. we then exited the game in hopes of that fixing it. but nope. the relunch of the game just resulted in me floating around in space alone in my oneseater, only the one seater with no engine. it was not possible for me to see any landing spots on any of the planets. nor could i tap out of the vehicle. i hope this is one of the more nasty bugs. because this results in the whole save being unusable, with me just floating around in space. This was done on a win 10 machine. (keyboard and mouse) in 4 man multiplayer.