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  1. Built shuttle first. Went up and down a few times then built spacecraft. Went amd set up a new habitat somewhere else on the planet and returned to original base. The space craft landed on top of my original shuttle. It should not let you land one craft on top of another. Unless there is a reason I cant think of.
  2. Agree totally. Should be able to delete saved games. Also from the main front menu should be able to quit the game. Pressing the escape button does not bring up the menu for audio, graphics etc.
  3. Windows 10 version and no option to save adjusted audio levels they are always at the max. Very hard on the ears especially as I play with headphones. Also if you are trying to record gameplay the commentary gets overwhelmed by the sounds and is inaudible. Please fix so people can see and hear how good the game is.
  4. Seeing as how the designers have put such a lot of effort into hiding wonderful surprises I thought it would be a good idea to share what wonderful, cool, or exciting discoveries you have found during the game. I believe I have found the Hubble Space telescope. Happy discovering!
  5. Easiest way to avoid storms, I have found is to just make a hole in the ground and as long as you are connected to a tether you can just sit it out, then lift the ground beneath your feet and carry on. Easy
  6. Would love to be able to label beacons. When you roll over the label from afar it would show the text. That way you can go out in a rover and mark an interesting site to return to later. Could also label resources etc for later harvesting. In the absence of a map it is very hard to remember where things are.
  7. Hi, I am playing on the PC version with windows 10 and have the same problem. Rover disappeared after getting out to collect resources. Not sure if I wandered far enough away to become in tethered to the rover. It disappeared and I died loosing lots of stuff. Shame it was my first exploration on the rover and was loving it.