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  1. Thanks ! :-) Another cool stuff I heard in my courses in primary school is an elevator from ground to the space, using a huge amount of carbon fiber as a rope and a ground laser to supply energy to the lift. This was suggested to reduce the amount of fuel needed to launch space shuttle in the space. This can also be combined with the already mentioned space station that could be at the other tip. It could also be nice to invent a resource which moves, I mean which is hard to find. It could be a kind of extraterrestrial being, not especially living, maybe a cloud or rolling bushes. Th
  2. Hello, Er... there is PLENTY of topics popping everywhere about ideas... It would be very interesting to have a kind of table which summarize everything. I mean a table, without writing capabilities for members except administrators. But what people can do is voting for the most interesting things or suggest new one, but not filling the table by themselves. That would save the chaos which is occurring... Is it possible with that forum ?
  3. Er... just to mention what has been said on another topics. OF COURSE, we don't need all that stuff in the first "commercial version" of the game ! But I think (even if I never been a programmer !) it is nice to see "how far" can we go to know now how to prepare the path to there. If you will just make few buildings or gadgets, you make them as a single, beautiful piece. But if you will have plenty of different (and evolving ! ) types of each, I think you better start from blocs with functions (energy, computer, oxygen, machining center, storage, engine, propeller, anchorage plug, wheel/caterp
  4. Nice to see that I'm not alone to wish that :-) two other points : Option to repair the suit : there could be some reasons to damage the suit. The already existing acid fog from plants but we can also imagine bushes with thorns or small high speed stones in the wind or aging due to radiation. So we could need some piece of tissues to fix holes in the suit or the helmet. Maybe also the storing slot could also be damaged ? Independant O2 + energy generator : When you play with a friend and go in a remote place for resource harvesting, you need to go back together when the truck
  5. Hello everyone, First of all... I REALLY LOVE THAT GAME ! Congratulations to the System Era team ! I played 6 hours non stop before remembering that there is another live aside... And that's why I write this topic. So nice game but things run out after a while. some quite important features need to be improved (I think) : Limited researches to perform, all is largely discovered in 3 hours. Need a system to send gathered resources to the base. It is really frustrating to go back to the base when you just discovered a very rare resource, just because your backpack and truck are