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    Grow Up, a game that looks a lot like Astroneer

    Yeah right, ignore all the similarities. Ignore the same plant I mentioned at 1:28 which exists in both games, lol. What? A mod taking sides? This wasn't supposed to be a debate or pals defending pals. I just shared something I found out, this is for people honest and intelligent enough to recognize the many things I pointed out in common between the 2 games like the 2 soundtracks, veeeeeeeery different from each other, right lol.... If said unbiased honest ppl notice the same things I noticed, fine, this is for them only, sharing experiences, that's it, not for agreeing or disagreeing and taking sides. I'm done here. Yes there is plagiarism in the world, no matter how hard you try to deny it or hide it (if you did it yourself).
  2. Grow Up, a game that looks (and sounds) a lot like Astroneer. Or is it the other way around? I just discovered Grow Up, as soon as I saw a few videos, wow, the similarities to Astroneer are so many. Even the music is very identical in tone, style, instruments, vibe, etc., which can be heard at 2:50 in the video. Same kind of graphics, polygons for everything, for the floor. For example, the plant at 1:28 in the following video, I think there is a plant in Astroneer that is EXACTLY THE SAME. It's more than a case of similarities, they are the same lol, twins, almost looks like the same asset was simply copied and pasted. There are more examples, small vulcanos at 3:05, 8:50, also too similar to those in Astroneer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVBNtNhfPss The planet looks very similar as well. I couldn't help but wonder if something or more than 1 thing from Grow Up was used in Astroneer. I know the goals of both games are somewhat different, but still... I still don't know Grow Up very well, not sure if it has a day and night cycle, if it does not, then I like that part better in Astroneer. Right off the bat, there are a few things I like more in Grow Up. Even tho the clouds also look very identical in both games, I like more that in Grow Up, they MOVE! YES, THEY MOVE! LOL WOW. In Astroneer they don't move at all, which has always been a pitty to me. So yeah it's great to finally see the same kind of clouds moving across the sky! Another thing great about Grow Up that Astroneer doesn't have, is WATER! YEAHHHHHHH.... Oceans, lakes, water. Even waterfalls! With fishes swimming in the water too. Families of fishes, big, small fishes. Grow Up has animal life, which Astroneer also lacks. Now I'm not comparing both games in terms of which one I will enjoy more playing, because I just started Grow Up, can't really compare that way, only time will tell.
  3. WildTiger

    "154" - April 26, 2017

    Dang, the wind turbine and small generator are 2 of my favorite items, very useful too. I still couldn't research them in the current patch, after many research pods collected. Me too, I keep getting filters and power cells all the time.
  4. WildTiger

    "154" - April 26, 2017

    Update, I may have found a bug? Not sure. Today, on the Barren planet, I researched "Oxygen". It just told me "Oxygen". I was like great, I was looking forward to unlock the Oxygen tank. Not so fast. I checked my backpack and still can't create oxygen tanks from titanium, it is nowhere. What did I unlock which is called by the game just "Oxygen"? It's not oxygen cells, because those I've already been creating for a long time. Is this a bug? After we last talked, I made progress, I've unlocked the truck, but not a lot more. I still need to unlock oxygen tank, wind turbine, dynamite, all the augments besides terrain analyzer. Today I spent a lot of time on Barren collecting research pods from everywhere, after I did the same on Terran. From rocks, from trees, from plants, from caves, you name it. Honestly, it's getting boring fast, repetitive and after all this collecting, I couldn't unlock what I'm trying to. This is the only thing we can do to progress with the research, collect research pods. I think the new research system needs more fine-tuning, also needs to be better explained to the players, so we at least know what clues to look for, what places, biomes, planets, etc. Like this, it can get frustrating, not rewarding to the player, we collect research pods of all shapes all the time, and we only get compound, energy cells and oxygen cells over and over again.
  5. Great, you confirm other players experience this bug, besides me.
  6. WildTiger

    Umbilical will not extend

    Read the comments to this older post, it's been talked about before:
  7. Summary: 155 - Xbox - Huge portions of terrain missing (?) underground, or just invisible Description: I've encountered this problem before, underground, huge portions of terrain missing. However, I just noticed something new today, maybe it's not missing, it's there, it is invisible to the player. Easier to understand watching my video, see that happens at 25 seconds (00:25). There is a very thin wall, I expected to destroy it quickly, but no, by digging I exposed there is actually terrain there, but it was invisible. Platform: Xbox One Version / Build Number: 155 / 0.3.10155.0 Specifications: N/A (Xbox One) 0b4575ba-164f-4f0b-90e3-59af9383b0da.mp4
  8. Summary: 155 - Xbox - Energy sometimes doesn't work at all Description: When I collect enough energy to create a (package?) item of energy (not sure how it's called), it goes into my inventory. Sometimes they work, provide power to my base, rover or my character. Other times, like now, they just don't work at all. Now I have 2 energy packages in my inventory, they must be at around 80%, they are not working at all, so I have to throw them away. My character has no energy, I attach the energy items to him but still nothing changes. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 155 / 0.3.10155.0 Specifications: N/A (Xbox One)
  9. WildTiger

    "154" - April 26, 2017

    I agree with more variety of things to do in the game, who knows, give them time. I didn't count but I played yesterday a new game for probably 5 or 6 hours? Among the researches you mentioned, I already researched both storages and the habitat. I still didn't find oxygen tank, big battery, wind turbine and dynamite. EIther the new research system has a bug and some things are not researchable, or there are no bugs and everything related to research works as planned. I assume the latter, seems to me there are no bugs related to research, not sure tho, further testing required by us, the testers. I shall try to find the other researches I still didn't find. Maybe there is a logic we need to figure out, between the kinds of pods, their coveted inner secrets, like the devs have written on their blog. Some pods are on top of trees, some pods in caves, some pods under plants. Perhaps some kinds of pods have only specific areas of researches? Like say, if we want to research oxygen tank, where would logic say a likely place would be? Under plants makes sense, because in real life plants are connected to providing us with oxygen. All this is just a supposition. Keep on exploring, brave astroneers, where no man has gone before, defy the devilish forces of nature, until we find the answers we seek, which keep us awake, restless at night, in this big dark cosmos.
  10. WildTiger

    "154" - April 26, 2017

    When you say floating stones, I did encounter things floating in the air. I don't remember this from other patches. Is it a bug with this patch? I left a research pod on the ground, came back a few seconds later and it was floating in the air. The same floating for no reason happened to spaceship parts several times. Another possible bug I found, was when my rover was carrying a research pod and I exited the vehicle, everytime the front 2 roads buried in the ground and the vehicle got stuck, very annoying. Has this happened to anyone else? As for your difficulty in researching, I didn't experience it. I started a new game yesterday to try the new patch. I enjoy the game more now, because it's deeper and more challenging. From different research pods I gathered, I was able to research almost everything. I researched the spaceships, rover, printer, portable wind vane, energy cells, storages, etc. The only important things I still didn't find are the truck and the big/medium wind turbine. But I like it that way. It is challenging. I will need to find new research pods to unlock those things I guess. Even if it will mean from another planet. Meanwhile, my base is powered at night with a small wind turbine (printed from backpack). Hey, better than nothing lol. I was able to find all the normal materials, plenty of resin, compound on the surface, aluminium and copper from spaceship wrecks and the red and yellow minerals I never know how to spell from underground caves. Also, on a side note, I got completely lost once again, but after a while driving my rover on the surface, (all the mountains looked the same to me) I was happy to find my home. I like the game more now because we don't have all the important things from the start, we need to research almost everything and when we do, the sense of acomplishment is greater.
  11. Thank you for the explanation. So the slots with a green outline around them are large slots? I didn't know there were 2 sizes of slots. I guess the way around this for someone like me who still didn't unlock the truck, would be to build at least 2 rovers or more and attach them to each other. The front rover can have the pilot's seat, the back rover will have a large storage to carry more nuts. Anyway, I enjoy the game more now, compared to previous updates. It's more challenging, deeper. With less things unlocked at the start, players have a bigger challenge to unlock what we need like storages, truck, solar panel, wind turbine. When we do unlock what we need, the sense of achievement is greater than before.
  12. I have a small storage attached to a rover. The one with 4 slots on each side (4+4). I tried attaching a research cube (2 slots) to the storage but it is not working. I can only attach it to the rover. This must not be a bug, must be intended behavior. It only attaches to the rover, where the 2 slots are connected via a green design. Why won't it attach to the small storage tho? It has enough room. 4 empty slots on one side are enough for the 2 slots a research cube takes. That would be the only way to transport 2 cubes on the rover, using a small storage.
  13. WildTiger

    "154" - April 26, 2017

    I'm glad the devs took this step in the right direction, it was great that free resources from hydrazine were removed, it was not an option or difficulty, in my opinion it was closer to an exploit, cheat. Like infinite ammo in a game or a wall hack. Why not just press 1 button and the game plays itself, with people doing nothing at all (sarcasm)? Sign of times. I don't want it easy, I want some challenge in a game. Besides, we don't even have options on Xbox, only 1 option about Y-axis that I never use.
  14. WildTiger

    "154" - April 26, 2017

    I'm trying augments, you can read on their blog post how augments work with the terrain tool: http://blog.astroneer.space/p/augments/ You need to 1. Open your backpack 2. Move the cursor over the terrain tool and click the right trigger to make it bigger 3. Then you'll see 3 red slots, 1 on top and 2 on the right side. Just grab the augment from your inventory and attach it to one of the 3 slots. I tried the terrain analyser, on light blue soil. Its meter filled up, now I can add terrain of the same color (light blue), or remove only terrain of that color. Now there is no way to reset this terrain analyser? It will be stuck on light blue forever? I can't use the same analyser with multiple colors? For each new color I want, I need to create another terrain analyser? Is this how it is designed to work? In this case, if I want to be able to add blue, red, green and yellow terrain at the same time, I need 4 terrain analysers in my backpack with these 4 different colors?
  15. I've just watched the concept art for the new terraforming tools, in the latest twitch stream. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/129332191 I had a few ideas about what new terraforming tools could do, they could be expanded to more tools than just "terraforming". I mean you could add 3 or 4 for terraforming in different shapes, geometries and sizes, like was said on the stream, but then you could add to the game more similar tools with different uses. Some of those uses can be related to the future inclusion of hunger, thirst. For example, the yellow tool would be like a coffee machine and generate coffee. Astroneer player 1 picks up the yellow coffee terraforming tool, has to place his yellow tool right in front of Astroneer player 2's mouth, shoots some coffee and if it comes out in the right place, it goes into player 2's mouth, player 2 drinks the coffee. We can even hear the sounds of him drinking, then a "yummy" or a "ahh so good" line of satisfaction if he likes it, or a "ewwww" if he doesn't like coffee. Astroneers could have unique traits like in games like The Sims. For example, if player 2 is allergic to coffee and he drinks the coffee fed to him by player's 1 tool, he could become sick and slowly lose health until he dies if he is not treated. How can he be treated? Here's a new challenge. How can his life be saved? Player 3 picks up a red terraforming tool that is in fact a medical tool, uses it on player 2 to heal him and cure him of his allergy to save his life. Another tool could generate milk instead of coffee, tea, soda, beer, wine, etc. On the other hand, if player 2 is not allergic to coffee but loves coffee instead, when he drinks the coffee offered to him by player 1, will become happy as can be, and mine faster, work faster, walk faster, smile to the camera, sing a happy song (audible in the game), or say happy funny lines (also audible in the game). Another tool, for example the blue tool, would be a radar that detects wildlife and when used will tell the player something like "danger, aggressive wildlife detected 5 miles away, be careful". Of course its use has to be limited to a certain number of uses per minute (cooldown), or limited to power, to add to the challenge and to the feeling of constant danger, tension. Also, to add to the challenge, this radar tool has to connect to a satellite uplink that is in space next to the mothership (where the Astroneers came from in the 1st place). My point being that this satellite that beams down to the planets the radar services, is kinda far away from them, in a fixed point in the sky, so if some planet or the moon is in front of the satellite at the time, the radar won't work because of that intereference and will warn the player why. This idea is meant to create a bigger challenge, more realism and a sense of danger, crucial for exploration, adventure. Another tool, the purple tool, would be used to create a powerful flux of air, which with the help of low gravities can be used to make another player levitate or fly high in the sky. This would encourage teamwork. For example, there is a high plant or tall rock with a very important research pod on top. Of course this rock can't be terraformed, or players would bypass this challenge. Players have no way to reach said pod because the rock is too high and steep. With 2 or more players, one player would use the purple tool to make the other player jump a lot higher or ascend with the help of a flux of air and "jump" on top of the tall rock, otherwise not acessible, thus grabbing the desired pod. I could go on and on.