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  1. Make_It_So

    We need a map

    I really like the Search Mode idea. That will be a very simple method of giving the Astroneer access to a map. Even a short to medium range would be a great thing to have.
  2. Make_It_So

    We need a map

    This is a fantastic idea. Two drones. A very small 4 wheel drone for exploring caves and a small quad copter for areal recon. My only concern is if this is making it too easy. The super coolness of them may be enough to offset that though.
  3. Make_It_So

    We need a map

    I am very cool with this style of map as long as it complies with the texture less design the game has. This would definitely add a layer of coolness.
  4. Make_It_So

    We need a map

    I agree with the devs on having no HUD or on screen GUI. Any mapping/GPS tech needs to be hand held. To check the map just hold it up in front of you like we do now. Having a sat in orbit to give you the signal would be required and the signal strength can be effected by storms in the area.