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  1. kioga

    Ways to Mass Collect Organic

    What about thos modules attached to the trees in the new tutorial of the game?? can we build those?
  2. kioga

    Fabricators are the truly enemy of Astroneer

    Im more concerned about the shredders.. they already Nom many medium storages... ??
  3. kioga

    Oh it's daytime? Time for a storm.

    Yup.. that really pisses me off.. a huge storm going on and the wind generators sitting static in the middle of the wind... really? Best way i found to deal with storm is building the base inside a mountain or underground but the sky its so nice to see in this game that i end up not using the mountain base.
  4. kioga

    Are there too many rovers?

    The last picture is epic.
  5. kioga

    A little bit of Fluff

    No, as far as i know you are unnable to attach those to a vehicle.. they just behave as separate entities.
  6. kioga


    Played this moring a fresh new save file. No issues at the moment with a star like distribution base (2 6 arm nodes) and only a couple theters.
  7. kioga

    Custom Astroneer Figure

    I think its new version of "paper stuck in printer".. that and entropy.
  8. Ooohh i love this kind of things! you nailed the spirit of the game there.
  9. kioga

    XBOX 1 - Tips and Tricks

    Never press the down directional arrow key while using your crane... best tip ever.
  10. kioga

    Big Solar panels - how to use one?

    Tried it and no eject at all.. its steady and fully operational.
  11. kioga

    Little blades around shuttle wreck?

  12. kioga

    Big Solar panels - how to use one?

    Last night i found one in my new save, so i just put it in a hole with the rover underground and bury the rover and the lower part of the solar panel. It is best to bury the panel deep on the ground or when you try to cover it with the terraforming tool the panel start to bunny hop out of the hole. I will post a screenshot later.