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  1. Sad to say this bug is still around. Together with the trading post desync bug this still makes long coop games unplayable.
  2. Neouni

    Save system?

    if your on windows, try throwing %localappdata%/Astro/ in your windows explorer or run and compare the timestamp
  3. They are throwing it on youtube and it does have a automated caption system, although you need to export it and clean it up
  4. Since not everyone wants to watch 2 hours of footage, just to find that one interesting detail the devs haven't told in other media.
  5. Neouni

    Truck End Slots Falling Off

    It doesn't happen for clients in multiplayer games. Haven't checked the 2.117 experimental build yet to see if it changed, but that shouldn't be reported yet. Also this issue is likely to be reported before
  6. There is a bug at play here, you can't rejoin the same person unless you restart the game. Also any packetloss will screw you up, don't use wifi Ports info and forwarding is still quite unknown, best to just DMZ and get a guaranteed connection
  7. Neouni

    Research Bug

    You just haven't found the pattern yet. It's not a bug you just haven't figured out the game mechanic.
  8. Yes you can flip the trailer with tab. The [tab] you see on the main vehicle is just for the seat not to specify it can be flipped.
  9. Neouni

    Do not allow fuel trade

    They already halved the value, and increased power needed to double. There will always be people who complain. Actually if you are lucky research materials are way more plentiful and can contain items much more valuable for trade like: Coal Titanium Lithium Of which I would only hold back on trading Lithium
  10. Neouni

    Idea for save file

    early alpha, barebones game
  11. Neouni

    How the game runs

    early alpha, no optimization or menu options life with it for another few months
  12. Neouni

    Home Planet

    devs are going the non-violent route but workshop might change things
  13. Neouni


    You mean fuel condensor isn't easy enough ? It can make fuel from energy, which you can gather from the sun and wind for free
  14. goto steam library astroneer properties launch options and add: -culture=”en”
  15. Neouni

    Idea: add game language option

    goto steam library astroneer properties launch options and add: -culture=”en” All the non-english translations are off and machine translated