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  1. I think that's what it's called yes, I do remember that the vehicles shown were designed by the same people who made Deserts of Kharak hence the similarities.
  2. Platform(s): SteamLocation: SwedenLanguage(s): English, SwedishMicrophone: Yes (Usually Skype but anything private goes)Looking for: 1 - 3Can play from: About 9:00 - 20:00 UTC any day as of nowCan host: Sure, we'll see what happensComment: An adventure of interplanetary exploration and casual suffocation
  3. Ohoy! Been having a good ol' time tumbling around in Astroneer but upon asking my friends they can only reply with "What? This isn't dota! Madness!" I live in the EU so I'd expect the lag to be quite unhappy shall you be from across the pond, but it probably would be anyway due to the game's early state. We can babble away on Skype unless you prefer some other means, so long it's not some massive public TS server of doom. Reply, message or dispatch a homing pigeon!