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  1. Good points - except for the fact that there must be some form of magnetic core as there is a compass in game. Its just not a very practical or useful compass. As for GPS satellites, true in this day and age, but this is a futuristic game - think navigation in Startrek
  2. The clean screen for snapshots wouldn't be a problem if a HUD compass was able to be turned on or off as each player prefers. And something a bit more directional than celestial navigation providing NSWE would be nice. You have to admit that its a bit odd that our Astroneers have interplanetary travel capabilities and a vacuum cleaner that can suck up dirt and minerals, but he doesn't have an adequate compass or GPS Still, I can remember the early days of the game when the trucks didn't have parking brakes
  3. I appreciate your point of view because there are often ways to work around problems. Yes, putting every Canister on its own platform will definitely work and I must say that your layout looks vey neat. But this method is somewhat inefficient My idea was simply a suggestion to avoid the workarounds and enable the use of multiple canisters on one platform without them interfering with each other. A system like this would also allow the Canisters to feed other modules on the same platform in an efficient manner, while keeping resources in order.
  4. PS If adapted similar changes should apply to the Gas Canisters. It could also be adapted to the Soil Canisters. Although I don't think it is such an important issue for the Soil Canisters, it may make sense to do so even if its only for the ease of consistency.
  5. Totally agree and have been requesting the same for several years. After all, this is an Astroneer that is capable of interplanetary travel and yet we don't have the technology to provide a HUD compass that enables tick marks for the locations of Beacons and Bases. I understand the developers desire to keep the "Clean Screen", but a simple bar compass at the top of the screen, as depicted, would be great. Also, make it optional for those players that do want to keep a clean screen (although, if it became available I don't think to many players would turn it off).
  6. One of the ongoing problems in Astroneer is the difficulty in keeping resources grouped together when on the same Platform. The introduction of Silos (the medium Silo in particular) offers an opportunity to solve this problem. I would like to recommend that a Filter Slot/Port be placed in the top of the Medium Silo to be used as a resource Filter in the same manner as it is used to filter resources with the Auto Arms. This would enable the enhancement of managing resources as each Medium Silo could be designated for one particular resource if desired. If the Filter Slot/Port is left
  7. The introduction of the storage Canisters was a great advancement. However, I still think that the idea can be improved upon. Under the current system, Output is either Enabled or Disabled and while this is perfectly fine in some situation, it is far less than perfect in other situations. The system is fine while gathering resources and when completely offloading resources. But the problem occurs when just one or two resources are required because the only way to get the resources out of the Canisters is to Enable Output which will see the Canister distributing its contents to every avail
  8. I didn't actually mean anything other than greater. As you rightly pointed out it could be any distance, heck it could even be a quarter way around the planet. But it was you that proclaimed "people will not even need to explore 1/10th of Terra to find everything Heck, not even 1/20th." - not I. It was left open intentionally because if the suggestion was adopted it would be up to the developers to determine what distance would best suit the game, not me. And no doubt, even then it probably would require several tweaks to get it right.
  9. 1. So, in your opinion "greater but with limit" is the equivalent of 1/20th of the planet or even less? That is your assertion, not mine. 2. Given that an entire base can be set up in about 30 minutes from scratch, I would suggest that 13 minutes is far from immediate. PS I like the idea of the research for the Spaceship being on Barren with the Shuttle being limited to that moon, which is within the orbit of Terran and therefor fits my recommendation of the Shuttles limitations. I would also like to see other things limited to access on certain other planets
  10. This is an odd comment as, even under the current game mechanics, you can't just "immediately find a shuttle or spaceship blueprint". However, you can easily walk to a new bubble location (they just don't show up as bubbles) or you can drive to one and take a new Habitat with you (once you have found the required items) if that is your desire. Secondly, you may have noticed that my recommendation is that the Shuttle be available as a Level 2 research item and to be restricted to planetary orbit only. This would completely fulfill your desire and assist with searching for the Level 3 res
  11. My reference to Levels in the caves was the common term used by many players when referring to the depth of each tier in the cave system., just like the levels in a high rise building. Although randomly generated there are always three levels/tiers/depths or any other way you choose to name them. The bottom level also includes those dead end pits that normally have some form of treasure at their terminus. I agree with your comment in reference to all of the research being on Terran, as it already is. There is currently no requirement to leave the planet and that is a whole new topic th
  12. Guys, it is apparent that you are still struggling with getting the balance right for the Research procedures. To my mind, something like the researching procedures has to be challenging. In the early stages, the research process was far to easy, posing very little challenge to establish a base and find all of the items necessary. Then you introduced the Research Curve, which made finding research items more difficult to the point where it was pure grinding. This caused players to quickly let you know that this was not a good idea and you subsequently changed the research process back
  13. My educated guess, based upon my own futile attempts to unlock the Vehicle Bay, and all of the failings by everyone else that I have read here and elsewhere, is that the developers forgot to include the Vehicle Bay in the patch update. Of course, they will never admit that.
  14. I think you are misinterpreting the information. Prior to Patch 125, if you opened up a Research pod of a type that had already been researched, it would randomly return a mineral or try to find a blueprint, returning nothing because that pod type had already been researched. It was very hit and miss. With the introduction of Patch 125, if you open a Research pod of a type that had already been discovered you are guaranteed to get one of the minerals. But, if it is a new type of Research, it will still try to search for a blueprint, even if you have already researched everything,