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  1. True, but the landing pad could be cheaper to build than the vech bay and actually nameable There could be also a space port that would play a role of an habitat (but crazy expensive!).
  2. Landing pad is necessary during new planet colonisation...
  3. Flying a plane on the moon is not possible - no air. :>
  4. Hello, What about a unmanned probes facility? Probes could be modular: from resources surveying to mapping. They could be orbital or interplanetary. They would require fuel and power and would have limited life time.
  5. Hello, Simple solution to a problem of shuttle occupying the vehicle bay would be introduction of shuttle landing pad module. This way we could designate nice area to where it would land and not to disturb the production. It could also sport some storage slot or a fuel tank that would automatically refuel the shuttle when docked (providing required fuel amount is stored).
  6. I concur! We need soft suspension with a lot of damping capability to be able to drive over the rough terrain. Look at Lunar Rover or Star Citizen 3.0 presentation. You can also replicate rover from Elite:Dangerous.
  7. Right click on Astroneer in steam ----> Preferences ----> BETA tab