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    This is AWESOME
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    155 HYPE

    Oh right twitter, sorry, i'm old.
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    155 HYPE

    I guess since no patch notes yet I"ll just assume I wont miss anythign by continuing my current game
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    155 HYPE

    hah np
  5. funkosopher

    155 HYPE

    Does astroneer have a screenshot folder anywhere?
  6. funkosopher

    155 HYPE

    Not according to the update i just got...
  7. funkosopher

    155 HYPE

    What's in this one!?!?!
  8. funkosopher

    50 days.

    Amazing blog post. Be bloody wary of contracting with other companies please.... Wouldnt want to see this turn into an EA game
  9. funkosopher

    When's update day?

    i'm dying here. Fantastic game, loads of potential, but coming from Rust and Ark i'm used to regular updates and easy access to information about what's coming. Obviously that's a big commitment and if it's not right for the dev team then it's not going to happen, but I'd love to at least have some idea when the next update is going to happen. Also, I signed up for the "experimental" branch on steam but havent seen a single update... will that be used in the future?
  10. funkosopher

    Has anyone found all the features that were added in Patch 119?

    Just reloaded my save created during this patch after a few days away. None of my printers have the "print" button anymore even when the materials are there.
  11. funkosopher

    Has anyone found all the features that were added in Patch 119?

    trucks and truck chains are awesome now
  12. funkosopher

    ROAD MAP - Mega Thread

    Fantastic game guys, very exciting. I hope you're planning on letting us build onto that starbase we start from, my own personal solar system needs a visitor's center, not to mention a centralized parking lot for all these spaceships.