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    Bugged vehicles falling into the ground

    Happens when you leave the planet in a shuttle and return as well. I dod find one thing though, I glitched out of the map on purpose and saw where truck was, dug a bloody great big hole and chanced upon it, had an even harder time diggin my way up, and was never so happy to see pixelated sky in my life!! 4 hours!! Anyway silly me left planet and thought if truck was hooked up to satation it would be ok but nope! GOOD NEWS? Followed the hole I dug before and there it was! So it seems to end up in same spot each time which is handy after all that!
  2. Yep. Just got this as well. I know its unfinished but these glitches are killing it for me. Put 14 plus hours in so far and that has consisted of restart after restart. Now ive lost my vehicle on a shit planet so Im as good as stuffed. Again.
  3. BJM351

    How to share your Astroneer crash report

    Game has crashed 3 times now. Not real happy about it as I spent all day building up base and was almost done. Cue reload on different world and restart again. Have never been able to load a save or quit to main menu without having to restart whole game again. Dont get me wrong I lobe it, just frustrating when it seems like overall I cant get anywhere