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    Just curious will you ever sell the merch pack you gave to the youtubers or even just the bag as it looks very good from what I have seen and I would love to have it
  2. icebird

    Would you buy merch?

    I would love a backpack, It would be really nice if you sold the ones you gave to the Youtubers.
  3. icebird

    Automation mod

    First time logging into this forum in years and this is what happened when i was gone. lol
  4. icebird

    Automation mod

    Ok it is a concept I am working with to automate ASTRONEER also I am 11 and have very shaky hands so my drawings suffer from that
  5. icebird

    Automation mod

    I hope I could make this better so feedback is greatly appreciated.
  6. icebird

    Enterable Habbitat

    Great idea! I was thinking of something similar.
  7. icebird

    Automation mod

    Here is a picture of my work in progress idea for Astroneer i am posting this for feedback and what i should add i will put updates in the comments when i do a change also this project is nowhere near finished. Sorry for the bad image quality
  8. icebird

    new Game Modes

    You also have some typos in there like resources game mode vehicle and developers
  9. icebird

    new Game Modes

    I see by unlimited resources i mean being able to spawn resources in your back pack from a list it would be good for testing to.
  10. icebird

    new Game Modes

    1.So i think it would be cool to have a unlimited resources mode where you have unlimited resources, but still oxygen and power still run out. But you have unlimited resources for everything else. 2.Creative mode so you have unlimited oxygen and power and unlimited resources.