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    Assorted bugs I've experience with 2 friends

    Usually no but they will have their own unique view of bugginess . I think it has something to do with players leaving your area and sometimes not all of their stuff disappears with them when they expect the loading range. At my base where I spent lots of time house keeping there was a specific point on the road loading away to a far cave where both my friends would leave behind all these items. Yesterday, one friend even left behind their whole headless body... It was like a horror moment of seeing the silhouette of what looked like slenderman there and when I got close enough to make out what it was, the body zipped into the sky and then down into the ground and vanished, probably returning to my friend. Another bug we had was that one friend left the planet to gather gasses, and I was deep in a cave. When I came out to our base I saw scattered pieces around; a large storage, some packaged machines. I thought they fell off their platforms so I tried to pick them up. Immediately my friend in space was screaming because his large storage glitched and broke free of his ship and vanished as well as other items I touched. It was really troublesome -.-
  2. Hello! Firstly i wanna say I love astroneer. I played it a tremendous amount during the beta, but around the official release I took a long break from just about all games for a while. Recently I've taken it up again with 2 friends, just the 3 of us, and while the game is SIGNIFICANTLY better than it was before, we're still tormented by lots of bugs that really affect the gameplay. I'll list just a few of them here. I think the biggest feature the game really needs is a type of "refresh" button somewhere in the menu to totally reload the environment without logging out, maybe it can trigger a reset for all active players too. Here are the bugs: Sometimes in a cave, we see different versions of the cave at the same time. When i'm in a cave, i'll see a path leading down into a deeper part but my friends dont see the opening, instead they see me running down into the ground. If i go down too far and try to come back up, earth will have tried to replace the opening i walked through, big splotchy jagged pieces like weird snow will cave me in. Way too often than desired, one of us will be unable to change the landscape, having our changes immediately reverted when releasing the mouse button. Personally I can't *ever* seem to clean up floating pieces of earth that block the path of a cave, after i remove a few stones and floating pieces, they just pop back up again. This is a huge problem when i'm trying to get a vehicle into the area but the pieces are blocking me in. Sometimes at our main base, the objects and structures will just randomly glitch out, where a shredder will pop up and fly away to the north (or any direction) but my friends still see it in the previous location, however, i see it somewhere else, and we can both interact with the machine in our own unique instances somehow. If we ever get seperated by some distance, and i try to go meet up with my friend, i'll see parts of his body and items left along the path, a floating terrain machine, some resin, a compound, as if they were removed from his body and kept floating in the air. When we meet up again, those body parts will be replaced by other random materials, like a tire, some aluminum or something else. If you dont reset the game, they will grow huge or shrink tiny, so my friend will have a piece of Organic instead of a terrain tool and its the size of a habitat. When we're together in a base, the machinery will glitch sometimes. If i'm trying to use the soil diffuser to make organic, the machine may spin and then instead of presenting the items to me, upright, so i can remove each piece, they stay stuck down inside the machine. My friends can remove them, but i am unable to see it happen, and the machine is permanently inaccessible to me. These are just some of the glitches i've experienced, in only a few days of playing it so far.
  3. Ok so i uninstalled it and then went back to a previous restore point and the game seemed to install differently this time. It now works in full screen and i can exit the game so this is a good thing! However, i cannot join a friends game. After clicking Join Game on him in friends list, it loads up and says "failed to join session" I've had him send me invites and i click to accept the invitation but it still says "failed to join session" in the top left corner.
  4. I'm having a plethora of errors with the game. I haven't played in a while but after thursdays update i downloaded it again and am trying to play with my friend but heres the strangest issues i'm having: First off, the game simply will not play fullscreen. It plays windowed no matter what. Even if you try to change the settings. Second, when you leave the game, theres currently no way to relaunch the game. Steam recognizes the game as still running and says "Astroneer - Running" in the library tab. Each time you try to launch the game it wont, unless you restart steam/computer entirely. I've checked all system processes, but the game is NOT running, steam just thinks it is for some reason. Third, i can't join my friend at all. It repeatedly says "failed to join session" and then closes out, but I can't open the game again or retry because of issue #2 above.. so i have to restart steam/pc entirely just to try (and fail) again.
  5. Midnitewolfy

    Lag issue related to personal 3d printing??

    I should also add something I forgot. To clarify it a bit in case it wasn't understood. You open your backpack, you put a recipe for filters. Compound is moved into the "9th slot". When you close your backpack, it stays there, so you go and pick up 8 items, filling your backpack. Now, if you open your backpack again, you have filters in the bottom with the compound, and if you SWITCH to a different recipe, the compound disappears. My theory is that it flies into the sky far far away. So, lets say a 45 minutes later you open your backpack and you've created other items and NOW you select a recipe for filters again. The backpack will bug out, so in the bottom of the backpack you see Filters on the right, but on the left, theres nothing. It doesn't tell you the required material and the slot there is empty. My theory is that the system will try to pull the compound back to you from the great beyond, but it cant, and if you close and then reopen your backpack, it will fix itself and rez a hologram of the compound needed. At this point, who knows whats happened. Maybe the compound is being pushed and pulled in the background, so theres collision and all sorts of wacky stuff going on. I assume this to be the case, as fps drops when I try this.
  6. So i'm sorry if i dont know how to post properly i'm very new and lurked a little So the big issue i believe right now is fps. Sudden unexpected frames problems for people. I've experienced it minorly, but 3 of my friends who i bought the game for, for xmas, also have it, and this all spawned a big search online for fixes to the issue. Theres theories about turning off sound, some about installing edited ini files and all sorts, but I have never experienced the problem severely, even though my friends have POWERFUL cards, i'm talking geforce 1080 cards and huge ram, powerful processors, etc. Just within the last 15 minutes though, i have a theory as to what is causing this issue and I'd like to share it. 98% of my gameplay has been in my friends games (only 20m in my own game) and there are some bugs. When in another persons games, personal sound effects dont work, like recharging air. Sometimes items won't update properly like if a friend changes the terrain. Sometimes my friends are able to see caves or trees that just won't rez for me. Additionally, people who are joining a game (like me) and are-not-the-host will have extreme view distance limitations, not able to see beacons or home or players until you're SUPER close. Every time you die you come back and fall through the ground at least once before it finally puts you on the ground properly, etc. But the fps issue, let me get back to that. One thing I've noticed is that when you can craft an item, the backpack will automatically pull the material into the bottom-most slot on the backpack for you.. but this creates a problem. Because if you exit the backpack view and leave the item there, you can still pick up 8 full items (the item and its material waiting to be crafted remain in the bottom slot) so when you have 8 full slots and you open up the backpack and you switch the crafter, to create something different, this 9th item disappears. In my first hour of playing a while ago i didn't immediately notice it until I realized it at one point and I know where the item goes. It goes into the sky, miles away. If you're running with the camera low, you'll notice flying items in the sky that are very tiny. These items are somehow bound to the character model but won't "let go" and when this happens there is an immediate change to fps. Its not major at first, but this causes a chain reaction to occur. Lets say that the floating item you 'lost' was compound. Later, as you continue playing and need to craft a personal 3d print item that uses compound, as you press the ">" key, the ingredient that you need isn't listed. It just says (for example) filters and theres nothing on the left, its blank. so you close the backpack and open it again. Well, i believe that what happens here is that because the compound still exists in the sky, it'll reset it and create the hologram of the compound (to show you that you need compound to craft it) once again, so it appears like everything is fixed, but there is another change to fps here.. I don't know what causes it. Perhaps the "hologram" of the required material actually exists as an item in the world and this also goes out into the sky. So now you have multiple items that are bound to your character and over time and playing, it just gets worse and worse because even when the backpack is minimized, everytime that you simply pick up an item for the currently-displayed-crafting-recipe, something happens where it adds to the items in the sky or I'm not sure whats really going on, but what I can say for sure is that THIS causes the issue. I know because what I've done is that I will specifically craft an item, using the material thats in the sky. So if i see what looks like aluminum and compound in the sky, i'll craft a wind vane and some tethers and this makes the floating anomaly go away, and suddenly, my fps is nice again. I may not be on point with the exact issue, but I hope that this theory helps to solve the fps enigma, or at least the pieces are all there, please let me know your thoughts.