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  1. Now they gotta live with (90th post woo)
  2. i also have a question. whats the difference between members and advanced members?
  3. never thought i see the day when food became this big of a issue. i blame @MoonManKelvin for all our problems. raise pitch forks against him AAAARGH
  4. just a TL;DR but basically have food bars without adding the effects of death via hunger. so if you eat a alien fruit you get different buffs like resistance to poisen right?
  5. This would also be good. would have to try and redo whatever rng is for research marbles but it would be better.
  6. my point is if its such a problem to feed yourself then why breath. also its not like your making yourself a five star meal to eat. maybe create a synthesizer to use for organic and it can be put through a tether line
  7. There was a discussion about making a magnetic transportation device via tethers. and it would a attached to you so you can pull it
  8. Why not just make a card game in astroneer like gwent..