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  1. nikolaycorvidae


    female male do you see any diference between the suits?
  2. nikolaycorvidae

    Do a story with only five words.

    shoot the shuttle with a
  3. nikolaycorvidae

    What do small gadgets do?

    the solar panel its use to gain energy but only when is day. the wind turbine same just that work with wind.
  4. nikolaycorvidae

    Change preform task buttons for Xbox

    i agree.
  5. nikolaycorvidae

    New type of transport!

    could be cool something like the metal gear mk.1 a bipedal vehicle.
  6. the frame rate improve a little, the only bug i saw was when i died once my corpse was inside my habitat and couldn't recover my backpack.
  7. now says iam very late.
  8. nikolaycorvidae

    Lag issues

    the land generation is another problem
  9. nikolaycorvidae

    Game won't save!!! Please help!!!

    u installed the game in c: or in other partition?
  10. tambien traduccion al español, and other languages.
  11. some kind of map can be useful, the signs cant be see if you distant too much.
  12. nikolaycorvidae

    Beacons more useful in caves

    that a good idea.
  13. nikolaycorvidae

    new habitat mistake

    if you create an expansion of the habitat (with rezine) u cant move it. if not you can just move it like all the big items.
  14. nikolaycorvidae


    tenes que instalar una actualizacion de windows qeu va a variar dependiendo de tu version de windows. instala la actualizacion, desinstala el juego, reinicia tu computadora, reinstala el juego y tendria que funcionar.
  15. nikolaycorvidae

    ROAD MAP - Mega Thread

    hello, i played your game for about 6-9 hours and i like what i seeing. the first problems i see are about performance ( the fps are unstable, especially when you leave/arrive a planet), the second problem i see is about the information u see in the items you can craft some items are easy to understad but some others no ( a little description can help here). about bugs i just can say that are pretty obvius, problems with the terrain when you add some below you, that make you sink in the terrain and go throught (i end in a cave once), the problem with the broken planets and the last of this kind was with thundra, when i arrive yhis planet and try to return to terran or barren i realized than i couldn't even with the full fuel. i dont no if you played bastion or transistors, in that games was a storyteller who toll your adventure. thats a way to dont feel alone even when you was alone it would be nice have something like that. what about the translations? i only see the game in english. the vehicles feel werid like they are glued to the ground. i probably can tell something more but in this game state all was said, i wish the succes of astroneer and system era. FUERZA MUCHACHOS QUE TODOS ESPERAN LA GRANDEZA DE USTEDES!!!! agm