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  1. 122 overall, playing today, seems massively improved. Harder to find some research and ore, but game really feels more solid, and just looks and feels better. Truck feels better. Really has renewed our interest in the game. Steam / Windows 10
  2. 122 -- keep getting stuck in platform after making a new platform. Steam/ Windows 10
  3. When building underground base (with a ceiling), and extending to the next section, it wants to go up and instead of straight onto the 'new' floor. Steam/ Windows 10
  4. So far on 122 re bugs noticed, can't join friend or vice versa. No sounds on terrain tool. But I do hear the background sound fine. Steam / Windows 10
  5. Great game!! I know we leave of negative stuff here and bug reports, I want to also say how much potential this game has and how much my wife and I like playing it. Keep up the good work and we're looking forward to future releases.
  6. When playing multiplayer and one player leaves, it leaves their terrain tool, really small, and you can't do anything with it. Steam /Windows 10
  7. In multiplayer, storage appears different to different people. One person will see flat version, one upright version.
  8. Still perfecting. All these fixes work as above. This solution is pretty good too: Set windows (and/or nvidia control panel/amd) to default to 1080p (=1920 x 1080 res) with standard 100% font scaling = no percentage change to font sizing / scaling, then you can just run Astroneer as normal is 1080p mode, which works great, OR you can even change it from there to say 3840 x 2160 if you have 4k tv. So far this is the best approach. You won't need "override DPI scaling option" at the shortcut level. The overall idea is what kills Astroneer resolution is using any windows font scaling. I've found font scaling causes and issue for BF1 too. So just don't use it -- keep it at the default value of 100%.
  9. Still experimenting with these settings. Seems the 100% or no-font-scale while setting your native windows resolution to 1920 x 1080 works best. Then run Astroneer at 1920 x 1080. Seems some games just don't run well with any font scaling -- had an issue today with Battlefield one while using windows font scaling. So i'm back to this idea -- setting native resolution to 1920 x 1080 for windows and font scaling to 100% (no scaling).
  10. I found an even better solution as well, just now, ... this applies to Steam/ Windows 10, as above. This solution allows you to run Astroneer in any resolution up to 4k (and save it!) if your equipment allows it, AND it allows your Windows desktop to run at 4K (I run mine at 3840 x 2160). And you can keep your windows scaling high (mine's at 225%). Just modify your Steam Shortcut (right click - properties), push Compatibility, Click on "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings". I use Big Picture mode. This way you won't have to run Windows in only 1080p mode (1920 x 1080) mode as above @ 100% font scaling, though that method works too (see topic above). This method works for other games too, with same problem, though Astroneer is the only one I've found with this scaling problem (Windows font scaling causes Astroneer to not be able to set its resolution properly.) Steam / Windows 10 / GTX 1070
  11. I found the cause of the issue where Astroneer can't set or save the proper resolution (but keeps defaulting to 720p only). It has to do with Windows Font Scaling/Sizing. If don't use 100% then you can't set the resolution in Astroneer. The problem is my 4k TV, when font scaling set to 100% is so microscopic you can't read it on the screen (I was at 300% so I could read it), but it does not permit Astroneer to set the appropriate resolution. So to fix it you can either a) live with 100% font scaling using 4k resolution with super-tiny text, or b) set your native resolution to 1080p (1920 x 1080) with 100% scaling (you won't get 4K images), and either one these works until System Era can get this work apart from the font scaling issue.
  12. Yep, can't either. Stuck at 720p, can't change to 1080p via front-end UI or via changing game settings file Steam/ Windows 10 / gtx 1070 / 32 gb
  13. Never have seen any on this game. Might need a new TV or new glasses. Like if it look thru my glasses at an angle i see it, but its my glasses and not the game.
  14. Doesn't work for me. It will not change resolution via this file, only keeps defaulting to 720p. That's all i can get despite changing my default res of 3840 x2160 or 1920 x 1080 nothing works.
  15. Tried that, set my resolution to 3840 x 2160 (my native windows res) and waited several minutes, didn't work. All i'm getting now is 720p low-res, and i can't change it to anything else and have it take effect. Just keeps rolling back to 720p. Even 1080p won't work. Steam / Windows 10/ Samsung 4k TV