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  1. With habitat is something wrong or not he thought someone. Namely, it can not be attached to existing structures or activate a small platform and change in a standard point of entry. Typically, as they land on a new planet we begin construction of the ship and then there is a problem with the connection of the whole.
  2. Włóczykij

    How to share your Astroneer crash report

    Hello, How is the generation of reports on the PC? after 10 minutes, and the emergence of "123456900054 sent" turned off the creation of the report because probably something wrong with it.
  3. winch enables the transport of different moving objects on the planet, including parts of a broken station. In among them, you find damaged solar panel that can recharge the vehicles. This panel should verily ability to connect to the base of a platform as a vehicle (and the power base). It was to a very interesting option supply base.