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  1. Summary: - Steam on Windows 10 Pro x64 - My power system goes super-sonic when I have a machine do something. Description: Probably a consequence of my liberal use of splitters, the power cables' animation seems to go absurdly fast when I turn something on. Here's a gif. If it's needed I can provide the exact details of my current power systems to aid in reproducing the bug.
  2. Summary: - Steam on Windows 10 Pro x64 - Winches have a slot on them? Description: I just found a winch at the bottom of a naturally spawning cave in the starting world and it seems to have a slot on it. I was able to plug an ammonium nugget onto the area where the "nozzle" of the winch is. See this gifv.
  3. Summary: - Steam on Windows 10 Pro x64 - Terrain analyzer loses saved color on world load Description: Just loaded a saved world and found that my two terrain analyzer aguments (magenta, blue) had lost their display colors. It should be noted that they still function as if they had those colors, they just no longer display the color saved into them. They were not on my player character when I quit/saved out of the game, they were on a Large Platform D. When I came back to the game just today and loaded my world, the augments were black as if they contained no color - after testing however, they retained their correct functionality.
  4. Bug: Tethers which are picked up and placed into the player's inventory without having it open are destroyed when there is an item in the first slot. Specs: Astroneer ver Windows 10 x64 via Steam Keyboard and Mouse Additional: Having the inventory open is defined as the state where the player's backpack is enlarged and the player has the ability to place an item into a specific slot. (i.e. pressing q) This bug prevails when a non-full stack of tethers exists in the inventory but is not in the first slot. An item besides tethers must be in the first (top-left, non-shoulder) inventory slot. Reproduction: Launch game Begin new game (tested under orange astroneer) Exit habitat and collect both 1 compound and 1 non-tether item (tested with 1 titanium found in a crashed spaceship) Craft tethers from the compound. Place down all 11 tethers onto the ground. Move the non-tether item into the top-left inventory slot. Close your inventory, pickup a tether from off the ground and place it into your inventory without opening your inventory. The tether which was placed into your inventory is destroyed. Extraneous: First post here, hello all. \(o___o,,)