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  1. It just regrows, but I don't see the point in having more deadly shrooms around
  2. Oxygen doesn't feel like a chore since its the only thing to keep track of in survival for the most part. If we started Stacking, Oxygen, Hunger, Thirst, Pee, Poop, Loneliness. Then it'd be a chore.
  3. I can see why hunger would make sense and fit to a game like this, but wouldn't this make the a game a complete chore as this point? why would forcefully mining or crafting food feel like anything but a chore, the great thing about Astroneer right now is at any given moment I can give myself a task and set out to do it. Rather then the game telling me to go do it. Just my thought.
  4. too bad on most good materials are underground, good luck getting it down there. too bad physics will block any progression across land. getting stuck in little rocks. too bad draw distances are so low you can't even see where you going. lmao, I did this early on in game and all of these problems happened.
  5. They're steering away from weapons, They did talk about living creatures, but nothing mobile or hostile from what they've mentioned.
  6. I have like 30 hours on this game and experienced all of this, but it somehow looks cooler documented lol
  7. what are you doing in game at this point? I setup on every planet, and mined an abundance of everything
  8. Yeah I understand. I was just curious if these planets were considered finished or not
  9. Why is it that in Terran, I get the most beautiful cave layouts 10/10 times but every time I visit another planet and go exploring all caves are huge, empty and carry only enemies and coal. Nothing much of value. sure rare materials here and there, but it doesn't feel rich and I don't mean in resources just in atmosphere. Anyone share this experience? if not can I see an arid/radiated/barren cave that looks decent? I know its not finished, but hopefully these caves can feel more alive in future updates
  10. Pretty much all planets suck compare to Terran, where there pretty much everything and if you absolutely NEED Titanium and Lithium you can just research and trade it. edit: when I say suck I mean give out the least amount of reward for the most hazardous exploration.
  11. Its a rare in-game object, plenty of people found one, (I found 3 in 24 hours) They don't do anything besides emit light, you carry it like research but it doesn't do anything, and when you place it on a storage it shrinks in size.
  12. dang it, I was hoping for new content. Its been working smooth on my machine.
  13. I kind of like this friendly competition NON-violent PVP it fits the play style of the game. Expect I'm curious. What would defeating an opposing team grant you? a Rank up? new tools? new character to play with? there has to be some reward. as for the Violent PVP, I say leave that completely up to the mods.
  14. When is the live stream? link to this info will help
  15. Felt the same way Dick move Exactly Why waste that much time?
  16. Agree completely. It sucks working so hard and long on a save and you're only a guest, because you wont be even be able to revisit the planet unless the host is on.
  17. If Astroneer was your biggest disappointment for 2016. You must have had fantastic year.
  18. If they do the creative mode, which would probably be infinite resources. At that point it would make sense to remove it in the core game. I do the same thing, I made a base on every planet, with each building and resource. but thats it. it has more to do with patience then it does challenge Yeah once you go to another planet, with a Spaceship 1 Seat Storage on top of storage and a full backpack of supplies you can set up a base in no time. and if that planet doesn't have the resources you need to can just fly back and forth stacking on items to create the base in the new planet, and even then its just like whats the point of farming titanium, if it can only give me a winch and an oxygen tank at this point? I understand its pre-alpha, I'm hoping they make it a point that once we get to a new planet, it should feel like a whole different experience + more content, the trading platform just cuts it short.
  19. Is the Trading System and Starter making the game too easy? After about 20 hours of game play, I feel like the most enjoyable part is building the first base, collecting all the research and building at least 1x of everything. and you're able to do just about all of this after 2-3 hours of game play on the starter planet. You can find just about everything in abundance. Even the rare items, you only need a little bit of parts to build trucks, rovers and cranes, and you can find these commonly in research items / Dead bodies / Crashed ships. While I do love how that works out, this creates a problem, because now there is just no reason to travel to another planet. The rewards aren't worth it because everything is already available at home or in base. and if it isn't? just slap things on the trading system and with patience you'll just receive all the materials you need to build parts to help you go out and... get more material? its kind of just a loop. What do you guys think?