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  1. MoonManKelvin

    Seeds - Patch 119

    It just regrows, but I don't see the point in having more deadly shrooms around
  2. MoonManKelvin

    Perfect starting base

    Foolish mortal bases
  3. MoonManKelvin

    No to hunger

    Oxygen doesn't feel like a chore since its the only thing to keep track of in survival for the most part. If we started Stacking, Oxygen, Hunger, Thirst, Pee, Poop, Loneliness. Then it'd be a chore.
  4. MoonManKelvin

    Rate My Base 1-10

  5. MoonManKelvin

    No to hunger

    I can see why hunger would make sense and fit to a game like this, but wouldn't this make the a game a complete chore as this point? why would forcefully mining or crafting food feel like anything but a chore, the great thing about Astroneer right now is at any given moment I can give myself a task and set out to do it. Rather then the game telling me to go do it. Just my thought.
  6. MoonManKelvin

    King Of The Road

    too bad on most good materials are underground, good luck getting it down there. too bad physics will block any progression across land. getting stuck in little rocks. too bad draw distances are so low you can't even see where you going. lmao, I did this early on in game and all of these problems happened.
  7. MoonManKelvin

    Are there going to be living things?

    They're steering away from weapons, They did talk about living creatures, but nothing mobile or hostile from what they've mentioned.
  8. MoonManKelvin

    Prepared to conquer the solar system!

    I have like 30 hours on this game and experienced all of this, but it somehow looks cooler documented lol
  9. MoonManKelvin

    I just hit the 50hr gameplay mark and....

    what are you doing in game at this point? I setup on every planet, and mined an abundance of everything
  10. MoonManKelvin

    most planet caves are extremly empty

    Yeah I understand. I was just curious if these planets were considered finished or not
  11. Why is it that in Terran, I get the most beautiful cave layouts 10/10 times but every time I visit another planet and go exploring all caves are huge, empty and carry only enemies and coal. Nothing much of value. sure rare materials here and there, but it doesn't feel rich and I don't mean in resources just in atmosphere. Anyone share this experience? if not can I see an arid/radiated/barren cave that looks decent? I know its not finished, but hopefully these caves can feel more alive in future updates
  12. MoonManKelvin

    The Mysterious Zebra Orb

    Astroneer Rocketleague
  13. MoonManKelvin

    Arid world - a waste of time?

    Pretty much all planets suck compare to Terran, where there pretty much everything and if you absolutely NEED Titanium and Lithium you can just research and trade it. edit: when I say suck I mean give out the least amount of reward for the most hazardous exploration.
  14. MoonManKelvin

    The Mysterious Zebra Orb

    Its a rare in-game object, plenty of people found one, (I found 3 in 24 hours) They don't do anything besides emit light, you carry it like research but it doesn't do anything, and when you place it on a storage it shrinks in size.