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    Screenshots Megathread

    Post your awesome screenshots here! Maybe even tell a little story about it? Please remember to use the spoiler function on all your screenshots!
  2. Wyvyrias

    Astroneer Discord Server

    What's your username on Discord? I'll look it up in the logs and see what was the issue.
  3. Wyvyrias

    Astroneer Discord Server

    To make sure everyone is aware that we have a Discord server for the whole community! The developers (and Joe) are around as well and sometimes chat with us, too. We'll also try to keep you up-to-date about important events about Astroneer. Feel free to join if you haven't already (and don't forget to read #information): discord.gg/astroneer
  4. Wyvyrias

    splitscreen for xbox

    No, splitscreen has never been on the roadmap and isn't a consideration at all, currently. It seems unlikely to ever happen.
  5. Wyvyrias

    New achievements on Xbox One?

    It's great you're curious and eager to see new things, but to avoid any spoilers, I redacted the relevant contents. Apologies! Those things have been done as test and aren't supposed to be public yet. A little oversight I would assume. It shouldn't be much longer until the Wanderer Update, so hold out until then!
  6. Wyvyrias

    Need help to mine 50% of Desolo...

    Please refrain from promoting the use of exploits.
  7. Wyvyrias

    Would you buy merch?

    Only fangamer is legit. Never heard of redbubble. There shouldn't be any other merch providers apart from fangamer, so consider anything else to be fake.
  8. Wyvyrias

    Holy crap, mods help this poor forum.

    I wasn't even around for that last one. Gina took care of it by the time I was back. Sometimes it just takes a while for someone to act. The mods are just humans too.
  9. Wyvyrias

    Voice genders in videos - Poll

    Definitely 3. Shouldn't be of any relevance to anyone as the actual tone, the "quality" of the voice as well as personal preference matters way, way more than the sex or the age of the person speaking.
  10. Pretty simple. You post here, people who are interested will PM you (mind that you can invite multiple people into one PM). At this point let's be clear about that you just put yourself up to play, not to discuss (it'll become messy otherwise). Posts that do not adhere to the format below will be deleted. Example post: Platform(s): Steam Location: Germany Language(s): German, English Microphone: Yes (Discord) Looking for: 2 players Can play from: 15:00 UTC - 22:30 UTC, Friday to Sunday (optional, you're free to use whatever timezone you prefer, but I'd recommend UTC) Can host: No Comment: Usually available through Discord when online. This is an example post so do not actually PM me about playing. And here's the empty post to copy&paste:
  11. Some people requested it and I see no harm in doing that, so here it is, a place for you to introduce yourself! While it's probably not necessary, I give a short introduction myself: My name is Wyvyrias (obviously), I've been following Astroneer for more than 1 year already and eventually became a moderator for it's community. I watch over the forums (here and on Steam), our Astroneer Discord server (which I created, so it's technically still a community server) and our reddit sub. Since I had my eye on Astroneer and it's quickly growing community I've witnessed great things (can't wait for mod-support). Not only is Astroneer itself a unique game that anyone who is even remotely interest in space themed games shouldn't miss out, but also it's community is making this a quite comfortable place. I know, we still have conflicts every now and then (especially when it's about a certain other space game), but some things are just unavoidable in the wide web (people are allowed to have opinions after all), but everyone is generally being nice. Most of that is most likely due the nature of Astroneer: It's simply no PvP game. That generally results in a nice environment. Personally I am quite the PvP-player myself, but I still enjoy Astroneer a lot, especially if it's to relax and I am excited to see what the future brings! Oh, and I should mention that System Era is certainly the most awesome team I've ever seen! And I am not saying that because I am a moderator here. For a team of 7 (and the 7th having joined just recently) Astroneer shows what the real developers are actually capable of. Shows you don't need a few hundred people to create an awesome game. That said, stay awesome (all of you)!
  12. Wyvyrias

    Holy crap, mods help this poor forum.

    I shall make no comments on who is suitable to be a moderator and who is not, but we don't exactly need more moderators right now anyway. There's rarely any urgent matters and most of the time when an actual report (outside of spam bot reports) happens, it's very opinionated and gives no reason to take any actions whatsoever. Do remember, not liking what someone is writing isn't necessarily breaking any rules. And yes, we moderators don't exactly have any direct power to promote or demote anyone, but Joe certainly promotes people based on recommendations. Gina was promptly made a moderator once I've passed that suggestion as well.
  13. Wyvyrias

    Holy crap, mods help this poor forum.

    Nah, it's all linked to the same account. And spam bots only have one fate: An instant ban.
  14. Wyvyrias

    Reaction to replies

    Only the developers could answer that. We can assume they read that stuff, but of course commenting would take too much time.
  15. Wyvyrias

    Reaction to replies

    Been asking Joe for years to get that in here again. Don't get your hopes up. And as reminder: We moderators have no real power over actual forum features outside of the moderation. If you want a new section, certain features, theme changes or anything like that: We can't do it, only SES can.
  16. Wyvyrias

    Holy crap, mods help this poor forum.

    @Marcin7667 To point it out again, you only need to report a single post of a spam bot, usually if multiple are present, even then a single one is enough (cause they're easy to spot anyway). Making multiple reports only floods the queue, the bots get completely purged on the press of a button anyway. Just as reminder.
  17. Wyvyrias

    Holy crap, mods help this poor forum.

    It should be on the mobile version too. The forum is responsive after all.
  18. Wyvyrias

    Holy crap, mods help this poor forum.

    Such a feature exists already. Those spam bots are nothing new, please simply report one of their posts and a moderator will take care of them asap. The staff list isn't up-to-date either. For a long time I've been the only active moderator here, with Gina having joined recently to help out in the forums too. Though either way, you merely have to report posts so that any moderator or admin can react.
  19. Wyvyrias


    Please use the report function for such things. Reporting a single post of the spam bots is enough and they'll be purged by a moderator asap.
  20. Wyvyrias


    I am totally for that myself. But I do not make that decision. 😐
  21. Wyvyrias

    Astroneer FAQ

    Unpinning this until updates can be done. Until then: https://astroneer.space/support/
  22. Wyvyrias

    Astroneer FAQ

    Hello and welcome to Astroneer! We've created a FAQ to cover some of the most common questions about very relevant matters. Do mind that the FAQ does not cover every single common question and the relevance of each question is also a matter of opinion. That said, whatever your question is, it most likely has been asked and answered already. So please before creating a new thread, consider using the search function! This will not only save you time, but also help us to keep the clutter to a minimum which will make it easier for newcomers to find relevant information through the said search function! [1]: What is Astroneer? Astroneer is an exploration based open world game set during a 25th century gold rush where players must explore the frontiers of outer space, risking their lives in harsh environments for the chance of striking it rich. [2]: Who is developing Astroneer? Astroneer is being developed by System Era ( https://systemera.net/ ). [3]: Where can I play Astroneer? You can find Astroneer on Steam Early Access as well as on the Windows 10 store. http://store.steampowered.com/app/361420/ https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/astroneer-game-preview/9nblggh43kzb [4]: How do I get started? http://astroneer.gamepedia.com/How_To_Play_Guide_For_Astroneer [5]: Why is Astroneer currently not available on PS4? Unfortunately Sony does not offer an early access platform. Once Astroneer can be labeled a released game, offering it through Sony’s platforms is an option. [6]: What about a GOG release? The developers have talked to the people over at GOG but due to the current multiplayer set up it will take some time to set up the game on GOG servers. [7]: Is Linux and Mac support being considered? The developers would love to make Astroneer available to Linux and Mac users, but this requires more time! [8]: What are the hardware requirements? Minimum Specs: 4 GB RAM X64 Dual Core CPU, 2+ GHz Discrete GPU with 1 GB VRAM Recommended Specs: 8 GB RAM X64 Quad Core CPU, 3+ GHz Discrete GPU with 2 GB VRAM [9]: Are controllers being supported? Yes, right now support for the Steam and Xbox One/360 controller is available. [10]: Does Astroneer offer a multiplayer? Currently Astroneer offers a 4 person co-op. Couch co-op is unknown. Play with Steam friends or play with friends on Xbox One and Windows 10. Cross-play between the XBox One and Windows 10 Store version is supported. You can read more about the future of the multiplayer here: : http://blog.astroneer.space/p/day-1-multiplayer-and-beyond/ [11]: Is a road map available? https://trello.com/b/UoZgKrd3/astroneer-road-map-planning [12]: Are there hazards in the game? Yes, there are currently a few hazards in the game that can hurt/kill you or mess with your base. A few toxic plants as well as storms! [13]: How big is the Universe? Currently there is 1 solar system with 5 planets and 1 moon to explore. [14]: Is there a Wiki? http://astroneer.gamepedia.com/Astroneer_Wiki http://orcz.com/Category:Astroneer_Wiki [15]: Can we dig all the way through a planet or build a bridge to another planet? You can dig all the way to the core of a planet. Currently there’s a height limit, so building to another planet is not an option. [16]: Does gravity change on different planets? Sure does! It also changes the closer you get to the core of a planet. [17]:Are the planets orbiting in a true orbit? Not in a true orbit but they do have some orbital mechanics. [18]: How are they making the planets? The planets are procedurally generated with rules and biomes. [19]: Where do we go to report bugs or give ideas for game content? http://forum.systemera.net/forum/2-astroneer-bugs-crashes/ http://forum.systemera.net/forum/3-astroneer-feature-requests-ideas/ [20] What engine is Astroneer made with? Astroneer is being developed using the Unreal Engine 4 ( https://www.unrealengine.com/ ). [21]: What is this giant Zebra ball I found? We have no idea what you are talking about. [22]: Is Astroneer available in my native language? Astroneer is currently available in: English German Russian Spanish Latin Spanish Castilian Portuguese French Chinese Simplified Italian Japanese Korean Polish Dutch Turkish Translations have been done by a 3rd party company and there are currently no plans for a community based translation system. [23]: How do I change the game’s language? http://forum.systemera.net/topic/435-how-to-change-your-in-game-language/ [24]: Where can I learn more about Astroneer? Astroneer Website: http://astroneer.space/ Official Astroneer Forum: http://forum.systemera.net/ Astroneer Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Astroneer/ Astroneer Discord: discord.gg/astroneer Astroneer YT: https://www.youtube.com/SystemEra Astroneer Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/ses_dev Astroneer Twitter: https://twitter.com/astroneergame Astroneer Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/astroneergame/ Astroneer Wiki: http://astroneer.gamepedia.com/Astroneer_Wiki Credit to @Payno_attention for writing most of this!
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    How To Get Rich

    For some reason this thread has been made on an alt-account, so I'll lock here and eventually delete this. Refer to the original, for what it's worth:
  24. Wyvyrias

    How To Get Rich

    This isn't how to get rich and it makes really no sense to begin with. You're looking for an entirely different game there.