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  1. Wyvyrias

    can i play on ps4

    No plans for PS4 have been announced yet. Likely someday after the 1.0 release, though. If it happens.
  2. Wyvyrias

    Multi-Monitor Mouse Issues...

    Wouldn't even casual users get used to having a multi-monitor setup, though? Which would mean they'd naturally keep their cursor within the display they want to interact with. I think that's just the natural course of getting used to your new setup.
  3. Wyvyrias

    VR support

    There's no plans for VR support.
  4. Wyvyrias

    Update 0.10.5 - November 14, 2018

    All updates will be "free" (you paid for the whole product after all). The issue is that, for some twisted reasons, a good amount of people using the internet have started to assume that there's a thing such as "paid updates". That's probably because DLC's have become a common thing, and people mix up DLC's with content updates (although some greedy companies did try to sell a unfinished games with half it's content locked behind paid DLC's). So SES is trying to clarify that this won't happen. Personally, I don't like this approach either, and it seems to backfire to some degree because people are wondering if there's any implications. On the other hand, god knows how many people don't ask exactly because they clarify it is free.
  5. Wyvyrias

    How do I get off this planet?

    Stuff like that is a rather common mistake, so if someone actually uses the search function, they may come across this thread. Just asking if you really want it removed, not saying it's useless.
  6. Wyvyrias

    How do I get off this planet?

    Press F to confirm this action. (I'll delete it if you wish so, as users can't do that)
  7. Wyvyrias

    Pomysły ale tylko w języku PL

    (Using Google Translate) I am honestly not sure. It's better to make posts in English here, if possible. I am not certain if the developers got more advanced translation tools available.
  8. Wyvyrias

    Update 0.10.5 - November 14, 2018

    For once a thread that I couldn't lurk in prior to release. Kappa
  9. They've never replied a lot on the forums, and they're usually just on Discord during breaks, while looking for some quick testers or while a build is compiling. None of those things are really suitable for activity on the forums (as they require a quick response or are too short). Them not replying doesn't mean they don't read, though. I also read a good amount of stuff without replying to it. And btw: It's not an AAA game, nor is SES an AAA studio. So I guess that argument is void. Although I must question what kind of experience you have in game development to call such methods "old school" anyway.
  10. Wyvyrias

    Locating Astroneer Save files

    ^That should be about right.
  11. Not really relevant. There's no official Early Access program on PS4 regardless. Just wait for the 1.0 release and hope a PS4 release will be ready at this time or somewhere after it.
  12. It's been explained quite a lot in the past. Sony does not have an Early Access program. So Astroneer won't make it on PS4 at very least until the 1.0 release in December.
  13. Wyvyrias

    creative mode

  14. Wyvyrias


    Truth be told, I am actually too lazy to copy&paste non-English posts through Google Translate before I approve them. It's not really a rule to use it...just a suggestion.
  15. Wyvyrias

    will not open

    You may want to elaborate that one. PS: The tags are not intended to be used as description.