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  1. All save games corrupted.

    Did you check if your anti-virus system is doing any shenanigans?
  2. Use a fresh save...assuming you're still using one from the previous version.
  3. In dire need of...

    I don't quite see the problem with the launch pods. Are you talking about the saves or the Astroneers? There are simply 4 different characters. There is no "where". It's a "which".
  4. About the rovers: You need to use a new save for that. You cannot use a save from a previous version or you'll encounter those bugs. That's what my testing along with the reports I read figured. Research didn't change, though. Same as multiple versions ago. Research 2.0 is coming, though.
  5. ??? Steam - Display image not clear

    Completely uninstall your graphics card drivers and re-install them.
  6. lag and updates

    We all want that, but that's not how things work. The game has yet to be fully optimized, which means weaker hardware will (usually) take an even greater hit on the frame rate than more capable hardware. Anyway, I cannot tell whether it's updating for you or not. Only you know that.
  7. Lack of content

    I better throw that post in here as well:
  8. My save is gone

    Uh, when I already see you've got saves from December 2016 there...I suppose whatever save you lost wasn't quite recent either? I'd actually be surprised if the one you selected there would load at all. There are major compatibility issues after certain, big updates or when using a save that's several versions behind...though I'd never suggest to use a save from a previous version anyway, it always causes additional bugs. That said, there's no need to bother with that save. Delete them all, forget the ones that are not recognized anymore. What you want is a fresh save, for good reasons. It's just too early to get attached to your progress yet.
  9. Lack of content

    Even more so if you try to use a save from a previous version. Then it kind of becomes impossible since something broke.
  10. Gonna unpin and lock this for now, since this should have been fixed in the last patch. ^Since that was the original topic here. PM me if you do encounter this bug again, I'll unlock it then.
  11. Space Stations

    Lots of people agree on that, which is why that's a common suggestion listed under the common suggestions.
  12. lag and updates

    You should start by posting what platform and specs you are using. That'd be a point to start. Though I can't promise any solution.
  13. Always those necros. haha Anyway, it's possible that some saves straight out weren't compatible anymore. Check your save folder if they still actually exist, then you know. Putting that aside, it's suggested to always use a fresh save after a patch anyway. Otherwise you more or less WILL run into more bugs. For example, if you were to do that with the last patch, vehicles are most likely going to be...extremely weird and hard to drive while tethers are going to fall over a lot.
  14. Missing sounds - Experimental

    Consider it done. That said, this bug is known. Though generally you don't need to bother to report bugs of the experimental, unless there's a recent announcement (thanks anyway). The experimental is kinda expected to have various major issues. It's usually for content tests.
  15. some game ideas

    Actually that's already a thing. There are little pop-ups each time you start a new world, also there is the "F1" button which pops up a little help screen. Yeah, a small extra people asked for. I am sure that'll come eventually, but that's a purely visual thing. Super common request...soonTM. You can destroy them already using dynamite...you may not be able to really build there again, though. Consider that a bug.