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  1. Wyvyrias

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    That's actually just the usual terrain seams bug. It's not the "broken/split planet" bug that's the reason for this thread. It's visually similar, but practically different, as it's not entirely visual, but also often doesn't disappear when you actually try to jump into it.
  2. Wyvyrias

    Organic Taps

    I am pretty sure they'll do that once it's ready.
  3. Wyvyrias

    Update 0.8.0 - June 14th, 2018

    Read the patch notes.
  4. Wyvyrias

    Cant build crane on medium rover

    Flatten out the ground a bit, that usually helps.
  5. Wyvyrias

    Astroneer - E3 Reveal Trailer

    As I told you, it's not bait. Misinterpreting it yourself doesn't change it's purpose. It tells us when they plan to work on something, which gives us a rough estimate of when we may get those features at the earliest. Not every developer can set absolute roadmaps. Saying "this feature comes out at this point" means promising, which means you'll be lying if you can't do that. May as well avoid that disappointment at all. And the remaining Q1 features simply have been moved to Q2. They're not hidden. Trello has an activity log.
  6. Wyvyrias

    Tutorial Item

    You can't get that AFAIK.
  7. Wyvyrias

    Astroneer - E3 Reveal Trailer

    They're pretty active on Discord for sure. Considering there's next to no activity from them here (well, I do know they read stuff here...probably), that activity there is relatively a lot. heh But yeah, important Astroneer news should be visible here. I try to put up what I can, but as said in another thread, I rely on the information that basically everyone else gets as well. For example, their E3 presence was announced only a few days before the actual E3, and the schedule wasn't even right in all spots (there was some delay, up to one hour). There probably could have been more momentum but eh, I have no clue about that stuff so what the hell do I know about managing that kind of event.🤷‍♀️ I can only tell you to keep an eye on the announcement section here. It's only used by me, so it's subject to delays when they do something while I am asleep or not at home. I guess it's better than nothing, though. For timed events, the calendar is being used, of course. I could add things there as well, if necessary. To be frank, and he realized that himself: Joe is a bit overloaded. For some reason he seems to be tacking care of things that are not really what he should be dealing with. He's doing QA testing a lot, partly even on a day off. That probably will change soon and Joe can actually focus on his job, to communicate. I barely know what SES is up to myself, so I guess it makes sense that the community knows even less. Development still seems fine to me, but some decisions truly are questionable. Heh, don't worry about that, it'll be always fine no matter what happens. People don't really care about the developer behind a game. I used to hang around in a community for a game called StarForge (I got the founders pack). That game was in Early Access for several years, made next to zero progress, was only made out of Unity store assets and was eventually just labeled as "1.0", then they disappeared entirely, removed their forums and eventually removed the game's store page, due to the completely negative rating. Shortly after they started making another game called Reign of Kings. No real progress there either, mostly an asset flipper, huge cheaters and performance issues...still sold pretty damn well and left Early Access in less than 1 year, without any real progress, of course. What do we learn? The majority can't be bothered to research or read at all. They buy something they think looks nice and complain later if it doesn't turn out to be what they wanted. Bad, bad mikk! heh I know it wasn't absolutely crystal clear, which is why I told Vero to add a note and move it to the very start of the roadmap: It's a Development Roadmap. Mind the "Development". It does, by no means, represent any release schedules, but rather when they work on features. To quote the note: I know, yet another questionable decision to make something like that when we all know lots of people are gonna misunderstand (honestly, even I did for a while).
  8. Wyvyrias

    What other systems should this game be on

    Moved that to General Discussion. I only use PC, so personally, I don't care about other platforms (but I am not a developer so don't worry heh). People do ask for the Switch a lot, though. No solid plans on that yet. And Linux plus MacOS ports are coming in the future.
  9. Wyvyrias

    Astroneer - E3 Reveal Trailer

    The main issue is more about the existence of Xbox One and Windows 10 Store support. The updates run through a certification there, which means they need to fulfill certain requirements (whatever that may be). On top of that, SES sadly started to absolutely keep Steam and the MS platform in sync. Completely. Even the experimental branch got nuked for that purpose it seems...because the MS platforms don't have such a thing. In the future, once dedicated servers are a thing, keeping them in sync is kinda crucial, though...although not now. I completely understand the concerns about them keeping everything in-house and only releasing "solid" parts to the public. But Early Access has different meanings after all. Here it doesn't seem to be the usual super in-depth testing that you would see from some other projects (mind, some...there are also some that don't give a damn about feedback), but more like going according to the plan and adjusting as the community reports issues. It's an approach that, in the end, has the potential to make a more "consistent" product, although it doesn't feel as involving as you some people would like it.
  10. Wyvyrias

    Astronner crash after loading screen

    Die Experimental Branch ist outdated und wird nicht mehr genutzt. Folglich, bleib fern davon, es sei denn du willst auf ein paar Monate an Updates verzichten.
  11. They're so RNG, they even work in the core of the planet.
  12. Wyvyrias

    Tutorial Feedback

    I've seen people being unable to comprehend and finish the tutorial. Not enough hand-holding for some.
  13. Wyvyrias

    Dedicated Server Guide?

    Dedicated servers are not out yet.
  14. Wyvyrias

    8 is live!

    I have that issues with lots of your posts as well, so I guess it also works the other way around. Yeah that's the confusing part, but right now those things help to prevent the player from getting stuck by e.g. sucking up all local organics and letting generators run idle without actually doing the required research. On the other side, it's a tutorial world. Wouldn't be the first game to show things in the tutorial that cannot be found a regular world (although I can't recall the names of any games like that rn). That said, this kind of feature surely will move from a scripted world into a regular playable world. Seemingly it just isn't ready for dynamic usage yet. Well, it does need trees, and trees can be easily dug up in a regular world. The one tree in the tutorial is fixed, though. So I assume there were some glitches with that.
  15. Wyvyrias

    Barren is not so barren...

    I am really still trying to get them to integrate that again.