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  1. Can't click on Control Panels Anymore

    This may actually be intended to avoid clicking something by accident. Or so I was told.
  2. - PC - Field problem

    Those are terrain seems resulting from migrating a save from a prior version...usually. Did you use an old save?
  3. carry objects while on the rover

    That bug (and related bugs) is known!
  4. JE PENSSE que cette suggestionb nj'a toujours pas été proposée... j'espère

    You'll be pleasantry surprised... hehe
  5. SES Vlog 027 - A New Habitat!

    Well, it should arrive this week/within the next few days.
  6. SES Vlog 027 - A New Habitat!

    discord.gg/astroeer We're getting leaks there every now and then. There's also a recent post on their twitter. Aside from that, the update is so close, there's no point in showing much more.
  7. Research chamber won’t work

  8. Sensitivity

    You could use the Windows mouse sensitivity settings or, if available, the software/DPI settings of your mouse and lower the DPI. That'd be a temporary fix for now.
  9. Awesome

    There has been a Steam sale just recently (about 20% off IIRC). There won't be another Steam sale anytime soon. Humble Bundle and the Microsoft Store are having sales every now and then, though. The usual range is about 10 to 20%, so that's about 5 bucks you can save at most.
  10. What do I do with this

    Open your research catalog and take a guess.
  11. missing crafting

    This is not a bug. Please follow the tutorial. You need energy to craft.
  12. HP indicator

    And it's a common one, too! Though it's not likely to happen, as this game isn't combat focused at all. So there's no point in having HP.
  13. Using deform tool extends player reach

    A quite old bug.
  14. The seller is Microsoft, as such you should contact their support.
  15. Dedicated Servers - Community Hosted?

    https://trello.com/c/y9tZBlsz/179-dedicated-servers Heißt: Irgendwann zwischen dem 1. April 2018 bis 30. Juni 2018. Edit: Falls du Multiplayer im Allgemeinen meinst, den gab es schon seid Launch.