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  1. Wyvyrias

    Astroneer FAQ

  2. Wyvyrias

    Release on all platforms and crossplay with all.

    It definitely won't be on platforms such as Android or iOS. Such low power hardware could not reliably handle it (Google Books has nothing to do with gaming btw). Otherwise, they'll try to provide the game on as many platforms as they can. Cross-play among all platforms might be enabled through dedicated servers soon.
  3. Let me note that it depends on what exactly you do in this game. Currently Astroneer has the potential to eat a near endless amount of hardware resources. Try to dig up a whole planet, you'll see what I mean. Games like The Witcher 3 do not have procedural, deformable planets. They're pretty much set in a static world. Always remember that different games often use different technologies. Of course, in this particular case it also could be just a different issue altogether.
  4. The game in it's current state is too taxing for hardware that an Xbox One has. So without a fairly low ambient temperature, I can see it overheating. The v1.0 release, which will bring a lot of optimization, is around the corner tho (6th February). Then it should run just fine.
  5. Wyvyrias

    Game won't start

    I can't think of any solution myself (those game not starting issues are hella random), but all of this might just work once the 1.0 release happens on the 6th February.
  6. Wyvyrias

    Release on Switch

    Moving this to General Discussion and platform suggestions are not really suggestions for the game itself (e.g. gameplay). The developers already said they'll try to make the game available on as many platforms as possible, though. So nothing is out of question.
  7. Wyvyrias

    What is This?

    They're just marbles that turned into a community meme. They don't really do anything. Initially they were just physics test objects.
  8. Wyvyrias

    Astroneer BAND, a chill and unofficial community

    Also a reminder that we have an official Astroneer Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/astroneer
  9. Wyvyrias

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    That's not a vehicle issue, that's just the flying chair glitch that has been around since day 0.
  10. Wyvyrias

    Astroneer Factsheet

    Good catch! I'll make sure it's known. Thanks.
  11. Wyvyrias


    What did you wish to customize? And in what way? With what assets? Please do elaborate.
  12. Wyvyrias

    Cute Astroneer Meme

    I see what you did there. heh
  13. Also happy holidays from the community moderators of Astroneer!
  14. Wyvyrias

    Update 0.10.5 - November 14, 2018

    For reference, it never has been promised.
  15. Wyvyrias

    A Game Ending

    A common "suggestion". Instead of the vague concept itself, you may want to elaborate each point and suggest ideas, such as the names of ores and their purpose, or what should happen in the ending scene you described.