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  1. Please do read before posting. Creative mode is already listed here. And it's still on the roadmap too.
  2. Wyvyrias

    Bring back PAUSE

    I wouldn't know of any at the moment.
  3. Wyvyrias

    Terrain tool constantly stutters.

    You can't. If you want the Windows version, you'll have to pay again.
  4. Wyvyrias


    Yeah, that's not how it works here. Things have been busy and the manual first time approval has been a thing for over a year now to combat spam bots. Just catching up with the queue of hundreds of posts. Although the EULA topic is over now anyway.
  5. Wyvyrias

    put the retro suit for sale or make available

    Retro is a "Thank you" to everyone who bought the game prior to v1.0. There's no plans to make it available to anyone who bought it after that point. In fact, it would defy Retro's name if SES did that.
  6. Wyvyrias

    Patch 1.0.7 - February 21, 2019

    No worries fam, I killed it long ago...it was too awesome to not make videos about it...RIP Scrap glitch, you will be missed. That's just a sync bug, it'll appear again soon enough.
  7. Wyvyrias

    Patch 1.0.7 - February 21, 2019

    Heretic, the scrap glitch must live on!
  8. Erm, hey? Can someone authorise my bug report please...?

  9. No. You already purchased the game.
  10. Wyvyrias

    Didnt get alpha skin in full release

    That's a bug. Occasionally the game might not properly sync progress/unlocks. Restarting the game might help to fix it quicker.
  11. Wyvyrias

    Bug "Unlimited Scrap"

    Yeah, that one's really known by now. Mostly because I had too much fun with it: https://streamable.com/5ll2i
  12. Wyvyrias

    I just got to the core but it is locked

    You'll need to activate at least 1 node/ gateway chamber.
  13. Wyvyrias

    Wrong question in the signup

    To be fair, it was correct prior to 1.0. (Thanks for the reminder btw, completely forgot those)
  14. Be sure your Windows is running the LATEST version.
  15. Wyvyrias

    How do I get the linux version?

    There's no native port for Linux yet. Likely soon, but not yet. You'll have to use things like Proton to play it on Linux (which apparently works just fine).