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  1. For one person falsely expecting us to do something we're not expected to do? Hmm... You might want to quit your complaining and simply join the Discord instead. All the information is there and easily accessible. Until the bot becomes capable of re-posting into this forum, at least.
  2. FTFY. Moderators aren't being paid for their services after all.
  3. Wyvyrias

    The Creative Update - November 15th, 2019

    I am not gonna argue about what SES is saying, but Astroneer definitely is not a game that anyone, who familiar with survival games, would call a survival game. Oxygen is all you need, it's essentially infinite (as long as you stay on tethers) and hazards are extremely easy to avoid. And in case you die anyway, you simply respawn at your last habitat/shuttle. No real consequences. The bare minimum for a survival game would be things that push you to act, such as food, water, a constant threat chasing you, something that will make you lose almost all or all your progress. None of that exists in Astroneer. I feel like the "Space exploration, survival game" thing is just something they roll with. For people who never touched any games, I am sure it would seem survival enough. Knowing it, I'd never call it a survival game, though.
  4. Wyvyrias

    Make Endgame unaccesable in creative

    People know this is a CREATIVE mode. It's a literal no-limits-sandbox experience. If a new player starts with this mode, expecting to not be spoiled...well, what can I say? What else do you expect to happen? You cannot tell me someone starts up the creative mode and digs through several moons and planets, obtains the "keys" and places them into their sockets, all by accident, not wanting to spoil anything. I'd see some appeal in locking items that you haven not yet unlocked/discovered in the regular mode. That sort of cross-mode connection would be an interesting feature on it's own. It would make people more curious and encourage them to experience the game. But that's an extra, not a given.
  5. Wyvyrias

    The Creative Update - November 15th, 2019

    Simply report such posts without commenting on them. Moderators are perfectly able to edit posts. Also lets not be harsh with things that don't deserve that treatment. The game is not meant to be challenging. If you bought it for a survival experience, you didn't read what you were buying. And the lack of true flat, while annoying, is not really game breaking either. OCD triggering? Yes. Worth making a fuss over? Nah. They'll fix it eventually, if possible.
  6. Wyvyrias

    Why do Mineral research (and others) change colors

    That's a dev. Even more illegal. Kappa
  7. Wyvyrias

    The Groundwork Update - October 24th, 2019

    I definitely saw people saying they wouldn't bother with an update without knowing what's in there. But as I am not going to dig up such posts, this statement is about as credible as you implying there's any need or interest for non-spoiler patch notes. No, I am merely stating the obvious and suggesting a simple solution for your issue. I could not care less about you spoiling your own experience, that's your own fight with yourself. You know where the leaks are and come from. You can avoid all those places. Although your original point was about the patch notes, which you can easily ignore to avoid any sort of spoilers. It's a little odd for you to complain about too much hand holding, but apparently ask for hand holding in controlling your own consumption of information. Also I suggest to distance your feelings and personal interpretations from mere text messages, it won't do you any good and, frankly, just seem weird. I am just here to offer help and suggestions. You may or may not agree with what I write, but that doesn't change it's intent.
  8. Wyvyrias

    The Groundwork Update - October 24th, 2019

    The vehicle air control is what one considers quality of life, though. It'll quality as an actual feature only if combined with thrusters, essentially giving us hard to control planes. Remember you're not the only person playing this game. Many would not want to bother playing without knowing all the details. Which brings us to: Simple. Just don't read the patch notes or skip straight to the bug fixes, it's very clear where they are so you can go there without reading the rest by accident. This is definitely a you problem. Or do you read guides of puzzle games and complain about the puzzles being too easy?
  9. Wyvyrias

    The Groundwork Update - October 24th, 2019

    Merged some posts and cut quotes. Please remember to not quote the OP. There is no need to have the patch notes twice in here.
  10. Wyvyrias

    Why do Mineral research (and others) change colors

    Adjusted the title to reflect the content. And try to avoid pinging developers. Although I'd assume they switched off pings anyway, cause otherwise they'd get flooded with notifications.
  11. Wyvyrias

    Astroneer Discord Server

    What's your username on Discord? I'll look it up in the logs and see what was the issue.
  12. Wyvyrias

    splitscreen for xbox

    No, splitscreen has never been on the roadmap and isn't a consideration at all, currently. It seems unlikely to ever happen.
  13. Wyvyrias

    New achievements on Xbox One?

    It's great you're curious and eager to see new things, but to avoid any spoilers, I redacted the relevant contents. Apologies! Those things have been done as test and aren't supposed to be public yet. A little oversight I would assume. It shouldn't be much longer until the Wanderer Update, so hold out until then!
  14. Wyvyrias

    Need help to mine 50% of Desolo...

    Please refrain from promoting the use of exploits.
  15. Wyvyrias

    Would you buy merch?

    Only fangamer is legit. Never heard of redbubble. There shouldn't be any other merch providers apart from fangamer, so consider anything else to be fake.