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  1. Moved to: Suggestions and Ideas I'd say your idea is more something for later on, when we (hopefully) get difficulties. Right now, the game requires a proper gameplay for everyone. Being able to get stuck in holes because you have no energy left would be...rather terrible. Yes, I'd also prefer such an unforgiving gameplay myself, but the majority won't feel that way and will be very frustrated. The trade thing makes perfect sense, though.
  2. No Ground

    For reference, that's the issue. A migrated save.
  3. You need to research the tank. The fact that you can't craft it yet proves that you're missing more than just the filters.
  4. Where are the patch notes for Hotfix 223

    v223 included at very least 2 things: - Oxygen tank hotfix - A change so that shuttles are being created with a full tank That's all we know so far. I'll keep poking Joe about posting actual notes.
  5. This bug was fixed in the recent v223 hotfix. As such I am closing here.
  6. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/forum/insider_wintp-insider_store/error-code-0x803f8001/2c674ad2-5ab3-46f5-aa0a-6e4d1d9c1550?auth=1
  7. Tank Building Bug

    Please continue by stating what bug, or rather what it does! If this is related to the Oxygen tank, that one's broken in v221 and the developers are aware of that.
  8. Silly me, almost forgot: PS: I may move/merge the vlogs into the the other announcement section.
  9. Any idea what is this used for?

    That's what the answers in the vlog indicate, yes.
  10. Well...you answered your own question. It still has to be added as an actual resource to use.
  11. :( Only 4.. :(

    You can blame your thread title for that.
  12. patch 221, pc - save data is missing

    Astroneer doesn't support Steam Cloud yet, so your saves only exist locally.

    Haha yeah, I highly agree with that. I am sure it's gonna be changed, though. Small things that slipped past when making the change about the terrain tool, I assume.
  14. Add Terrain Bug

    This is not a bug. A canister with soil is needed to place/flatten terrain. Please read the patch notes: