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  1. Are you referring to using the drill for the crane? If so, that's currently bugged, as such the drill does not do anything. It's being addressed, though.
  2. Every time you make a thread about this, the spam bots win. Apparently IPS forums are more prone to those spam bots. Dunno why IPS can't get it solved (possibly people registering manually, then switching on their scripts). Eventually they or we will find a solution (well, I do have possibly solutions, but I am just a moderator, so integrating them is pretty impossible when the team is busy). Until then, just ignore the bots, at least don't mention them. Generally you'll only see them when I am offline (that time varies from 6 to 12h per day...more or less), otherwise they get purged within an hour, if not a few minutes, as I get notification when new threads are being created (and those signs are pretty easy to recognize right away). The other moderators may catch them as well. Anyway, I'll close here. Please leave it to us.
  3. Unfortunately there has been no new information about that. All we know is "they want to do that someday, but currently it's not a priority".
  4. Moved to: Help, Questions and Support Your GPU is quite on the lower end, so the lack of optimization is likely to hit it pretty hard. Check this thread and see if that can improve your frame rates: http://steamcommunity.com/app/361420/discussions/0/152391995411417599/
  5. Secret sources told me you'll (most likely) get what you you're asking for (the information part) next week . And don't take my previous reply to be directed at you in particular. I just wanted to drop that for the general audience.
  6. Please do not take moderator replies regarding the game's development as official statements, unless we explicitly say so. We're community moderators, not employees of System Era Softworks, as such we lack a lot of internal insight. Features are being added and removed all the time, that's how Early Access works. It's a time where the developers can try new things. Don't see the "removal" of a feature as an actual removal. See the mere presence of the feature as an opportunity to try it out and deliver feedback. If it happens to disappear, that just means it wasn't good enough for the game, either for now or for ever. Mind that community feedback is very important, but developers (that goes for all) always want to (and have to) follow their own vision to realize the game. The community helps to realize it in a way that everyone will be happy with in the end, but they do not lead the development...that'd be quite a mess. That said, as for the Hydrazine trading, it obviously did not fit into the overall concept of exploration (it enabled you to ignore exploration for the most part and just produce resources out of thin air). However, automation and similar things are planned, which means it'll eventually come back, though not necessarily in the form we know it.
  7. I am sure Prey is a good game (probably), but I don't see how this kind of topic contributes to Astroneer or how it's related. As such I close here. PM me if you feel like I misunderstood something.
  8. Please check this thread to help to resolve such issues:
  9. Have you checked this pinned thread? If not, please do so! That'll help to resolve such issues.
  10. No problem. And sorry for not responding earlier (damn, this thread is almost a month old )! Most issues like that are often quite random and just a bit later they usually disappear and things work fine...until they break again. But either way, it's known, and at some point (probably somewhere in the beta stage) it won't happen anymore, unless there's something really wrong on the user's end.
  11. @cj timon I've deleted your re-post of this topic. As for your issue, apparently you already did everything that usually helps to resolve this kind of problem. Personally I have zero experience with Microsoft's platform (I am a Steam user), but I'll forward that issue. Maybe the developers can help! Generally though, this kind of thing isn't new. The developers are aware of those issues. Especially the multiplayer of Astroneer is a pretty early thing ( you could say even earlier than the core game). Sorry for the inconvenience, though!
  12. Because the feedback is getting splitted. We'd rather have the discussions about one topic in one thread. That's easier for the users and easier for the developers. Also a ton of different threads about the exactly same thing is rather unpleasant to see.
  13. Negative, those are not officially usable yet! The people who used them obtained them through bugs.