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  1. No, Steam players won't be able to play with anyone but other Steam players. They'd have to set up an own server infrastructure to make this possible. And the game had to grow more than enormously to afford that. This was explained several times pre-launch.
  2. That's more or less the official Discord server for a while now. You'll find it on reddit and find the developers on that server as well.
  3. Einfach mit einem anderen Windows Live Account einloggen sollte dir erneut 1h geben. Vielleicht nochmal nach dem Steam Lauch versuchen, wenn eventuell noch kleine Day One Fixes dazukommen.
  4. Ist dein Windows 10 absolut aktuell? Ich habe die Test-Version auch versucht und hatte absolut keine Probleme. Ähnliche Meldungen sind aber im Umlauf, ich selbst vermute es liegt an fehlenden Updates.
  5. The feeling that more and more people will want to show their thanks for the developer's efforts is getting greater and this may lead to lots of similar threads, so here it is, a thread for you all to say "thanks you" to System Era in a collected fashion!
  6. Basically I put a habitat on my rover, left the world and when I came back this happened: Guess that means 2 rovers less for me. Unfortunately the other one acted as trailer and didn't want to let his buddy leave this world alone. Having the habitat triggered at places where it's not supposed to surely leads to funny results.
  7. The flatten tool is adjusting the high according to your start point (the point from where you started to flatten), not where your character is standing.
  8. That is possible by holding the flatten modifier key (Ctrl by default).
  9. No, click and point is no option. But definitely worth suggesting! And you are not required to use WASD to move. You can rebind those keys to something that works for you (it doesn't support mouse buttons, though, but with the right software you could simulate those keys on your mouse, too).
  10. It'll release on Steam no later than midnight PST.
  11. WASD is required to move around with your character and the vehicle, yes. You can however use the RMB to turn the camera and just hold W to move forward. For vehicles this is pretty similar to the Halo controls.
  12. Well, first there are streamers who were granted keys earlier. That's intentional. However, Microsoft is kinda doing their own thing with the release on their side, so depending on your timezone it's already possible to access the game through the Xbox One and the Windows 10 Store. This is not exactly intentional and I recommend to wait until you are supposed to be able to purchase/play the game.
  13. Steam and the Windows 10 Store are 2 different platforms. They have nothing in common. The Steam version will support Windows 7 and above.
  14. Hello and welcome to Astroneer! We've created a FAQ to cover some of the most common questions about very relevant matters. Do mind that the FAQ does not cover every single common question and the relevance of each question is also a matter of opinion. That said, whatever your question is, it most likely has been asked and answered already. So please before creating a new thread, consider using the search function! This will not only save you time, but also help us to keep the clutter to a minimum which will make it easier for newcomers to find relevant information through the said search fun