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  1. Make sure you are running the latest Windows 10 version (v1809). If you do not know which version you are currently running, hold the Windows Key and press "R". Proceed to type "winver", press enter and it'll bring forth the wanted information.
  2. Glad you found the error! To my knowledge, the current Windows 10 version of Astroneer does requires v1809 to work.
  3. Is your Windows fully up-to-date? Astroneer (the Windows 10 version at least) requires v1809.
  4. A fix for the XBox version should be rolling out this day. This might help!
  5. On which planet exactly are you? Sylva (Terran)? Or is it a moon (just asking again to make sure we're not misunderstand anything here)? The moons do not have suits. Or are you playing in the multiplayer?
  6. If you are using the Windows 10 version (non-Steam), make sure you are using the latest Windows version.
  7. Just to be absolutely sure, you did try to put the thruster at the bottom slot of the shuttle?
  8. As far as I can tell, shelters are supposed to be permanent structures. I haven't tried if dynamite works on crafted ones, though. So being careful with their placement is highly advises. Although I do would say that, prior to their placement, it should be clearly indicated that they are permanent (as addition).
  9. It's a realistic consideration: https://trello.com/c/ch2h9LgS/332-cartography
  10. Please do remember that even fully released games can't be expected to be without issues (nowadays at least). Even the largest studious with giant budgets pretty much always launch their games with various issues that will be ironed out over time (performance being one of the worst culprits, the variety in hardware truly is huge, though). Expecting a small indie studio with under 20 people to pull off what studious with hundreds of people still can't manage is a bit extreme. Of course, I am not saying you should be happy with what you got. Definitely not. But do please communicate your ange
  11. This actually might be intended. Those cables are very rigid as well.
  12. I'll lock here since v1.0 has been out for a bit now. If you have any issues receiving the update, make sure you're not opted into any beta branches, restart Steam and/or update your system and services, depending on what platform you use (Steam/Windows/Xbox)
  13. Please remember that the FAQ thread was not intended to be used for support. Do submit issues or questions in their proper sections in their own thread, or find a thread in those sections that already caters this topic!
  14. Be sure to use the landing platform to call down the oxynator. It needs to be connected to the habitat in order for tethers to work. As for Retro, give that some time. That seems to a bug.
  15. Common marketing tactics. This has been a thing since like forever. Having played 1.0 myself, it certainly still needs some fine-tuning. I would not consider it "done" just yet. But the release was set for the 6th after all. And yes, influencers always get special treatment. That's marketing. Everyone does it and always did. You'll enjoy it when it's truly done, and that's what counts! But please do not assume any date earlier than the official public release is relevant. Influencers receiving earlier access is a completely separate matter from customers receiving their produ
  16. To my knowledge, that is already in the works!
  17. Dedicated servers are not a thing yet. The ability to rent dedicated servers is kinda planned for the 1.0 release (or maybe after), though. The ability to host dedicated servers on your own will eventually be a thing as well.
  18. It definitely won't be on platforms such as Android or iOS. Such low power hardware could not reliably handle it (Google Books has nothing to do with gaming btw). Otherwise, they'll try to provide the game on as many platforms as they can. Cross-play among all platforms might be enabled through dedicated servers soon.
  19. Let me note that it depends on what exactly you do in this game. Currently Astroneer has the potential to eat a near endless amount of hardware resources. Try to dig up a whole planet, you'll see what I mean. Games like The Witcher 3 do not have procedural, deformable planets. They're pretty much set in a static world. Always remember that different games often use different technologies. Of course, in this particular case it also could be just a different issue altogether.
  20. The game in it's current state is too taxing for hardware that an Xbox One has. So without a fairly low ambient temperature, I can see it overheating. The v1.0 release, which will bring a lot of optimization, is around the corner tho (6th February). Then it should run just fine.
  21. I can't think of any solution myself (those game not starting issues are hella random), but all of this might just work once the 1.0 release happens on the 6th February.
  22. Moving this to General Discussion and platform suggestions are not really suggestions for the game itself (e.g. gameplay). The developers already said they'll try to make the game available on as many platforms as possible, though. So nothing is out of question.