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  1. Wn5UssND2T6URwZc

    Hey System Era! I found a problem in email.

    No problem. And please only report a single post. Otherwise you just end up spamming the report system. We only click a button to remove all posts of the spam bot anyway. Ironically it's more work to mark the reports as Complete. heh
  2. Wn5UssND2T6URwZc

    Update 1.10.9 - March 10, 2020

    Verify the game files and make sure you're not opted into any beta branches.
  3. Wn5UssND2T6URwZc

    Hey System Era! I found a problem in email.

    That's just the normal spam bots. Part of the reason this forum will be shut down eventually. Are you sure they emailed you directly, though? Usually they only spam the forums and, at worst, you'd get a notification through the forums if you happened to be subscribed to something or if someone PM's you. Your email is not visible to those bots after all.
  4. Again, that is merely (and clearly) your opinion and own experience. You're free to think so, but you're wrong regardless. It doesn't even matter since clearly the majority is preferring the new platforms, otherwise they wouldn't be using them (not saying there aren't better alternatives, they're just way less convenient and hinder the whole communication aspect as result). If money was the reason, this forum would have been gone over a year ago as it clearly has not been worth it's costs for a long time. But anyway, the forums being taken down is official now, there's no point in further discussing this. The reasons have been made clear (see Spicy's post above, as long as the VoD is up). All has been said and the decision is made, so I shall close this topic here and redirect you to the alternative platforms: Discord: https://discord.gg/Astroneer Reddit: https://discord.gg/Astroneer Thanks for using the forums while they lasted.
  5. Wn5UssND2T6URwZc

    Remove 1 Megabit Cap on Multiplayer

    Why do you think there's a cap?
  6. As I just explained, it perfectly can, and in fact, does. What you're stating is an opinion, not information. And your abrasive remarks are making it very clear that you just have an unreasonable bias against Discord in particular (yes, saying it's good for a particular age group, when that's entirely irrelevant, is fairly abrasive). I am not going to break down the rest of your mini-rant. But again, you do not have to accept and use it yourself. That is perfectly fine. Just accept you'll be left behind for doing so and that's entirely on you. I won't comment on this any further. SES already has made their point fairly clear as well. For better or worse, the fate of the forums is already decided.
  7. There's less of a difference between all of this than you'd think. Reddit is literally just a forum without categories (although moderators can introduce filters through flairs) with votes everywhere (which do have their downsides too), although it can have threads within threads. It can easily replace a forum. Discord isn't quite like a forum, but as you can see, it can perfectly replace one as well. It's way more fluent and less rigid than the way a forum works. Not to mention it's way more accessible and easier to use. While I am not exactly a fan of using numbers myself, you do certainly see the massive difference in interest. The most interested folks on the forums here are spam bots, while reddit and Discord are brimming with actual activity. And really, it has nothing to do with "But this looks new and is new". All those things are, in the end, webpages. You could imagine this thread here like a channel on Discord. Make it quicker and more responsive, so that replies pop up instantly, and you essentially have something that works just like a Discord chat. Emotes, pictures, quotes, formatting...all of it. Also search function exists in Discord as well and important information is being condensed into appropriate channels, making it easier than ever to find it cause you don't even have to search for it to begin with. tl;dr This is the internet, a product of technological advancement. If you refuse new advancements out of habit, you'll end up with a lot of disappointment for no benefit.
  8. That is in fact an option that has been mentioned. #JoeTime will show where this all will go soon enough.
  9. Preference. I haven't gotten that feeling from any forum for a long time now.
  10. There's no huge difference really. Forum threads can escalate just as much and become the same mess. The forum format merely gives less incentive to and keeps discussions more "rigid". If you wanted a lasting conversation about the same topic on Discord, you'd move to DM's. And one or two questionable images slipping through is really no example for "hard to moderate". That's just cherry picking. Moderating is about the same everywhere. If anything it's even easier on Discord, since we have more tools available there.
  11. Wn5UssND2T6URwZc

    Suggestion - fuck the spam

    Spam bots be spam bots. Report one if you see it or just wait for someone else to notice it. The issue is known and there's no use pointing it out any further.
  12. For one person falsely expecting us to do something we're not expected to do? Hmm... You might want to quit your complaining and simply join the Discord instead. All the information is there and easily accessible. Until the bot becomes capable of re-posting into this forum, at least.
  13. FTFY. Moderators aren't being paid for their services after all.
  14. Wn5UssND2T6URwZc

    The Creative Update - November 15th, 2019

    I am not gonna argue about what SES is saying, but Astroneer definitely is not a game that anyone, who familiar with survival games, would call a survival game. Oxygen is all you need, it's essentially infinite (as long as you stay on tethers) and hazards are extremely easy to avoid. And in case you die anyway, you simply respawn at your last habitat/shuttle. No real consequences. The bare minimum for a survival game would be things that push you to act, such as food, water, a constant threat chasing you, something that will make you lose almost all or all your progress. None of that exists in Astroneer. I feel like the "Space exploration, survival game" thing is just something they roll with. For people who never touched any games, I am sure it would seem survival enough. Knowing it, I'd never call it a survival game, though.
  15. Wn5UssND2T6URwZc

    Make Endgame unaccesable in creative

    People know this is a CREATIVE mode. It's a literal no-limits-sandbox experience. If a new player starts with this mode, expecting to not be spoiled...well, what can I say? What else do you expect to happen? You cannot tell me someone starts up the creative mode and digs through several moons and planets, obtains the "keys" and places them into their sockets, all by accident, not wanting to spoil anything. I'd see some appeal in locking items that you haven not yet unlocked/discovered in the regular mode. That sort of cross-mode connection would be an interesting feature on it's own. It would make people more curious and encourage them to experience the game. But that's an extra, not a given.