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  1. The frame rate on Xbox one is horrible after making multiple bases on different planets or just in general having a lot of things on the screen at once. I traveled to the exotic planet and landed into a forest and the frame rate dropped so badly at least 10 FPS a second. Its odd as well, when my friend joins he has crystal clear FPS while mine gets even worse. I'm not sure what causes this but I hope this gets addressed in a future patch.
  2. So I just had a quick idea for the very far future of astroneer and I am keeping in boundaries if what sounds realistic so I won't be talking about guns, space dragons or sand worms. This idea is also touching upon things that are already in the game. We have all seen the down'd space ships much larger than the ones we fly, the ones that have a seat attached to it in the center by a pole. I'd love to see down the line when this game is more developed is a blue print to create space station/ship of that size and be able to launch it into orbit. After it is in orbit it cannot land back
  3. I have not found a use for it yet. It rolled right into me while I was exploring a cave. The ball moves around alot even if there is no wind.